Monday, July 30, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

Yeah, so I managed to eek into another beta this weekend. I was on said game's forum, checking up on the development and community happenings, when I saw a thread titled: "1st 200 people to click get into beta!"

I figured it was a load of crap, but it had a lot of responses (6 pages or so) so I went in to see what the fuss was a about. It was real. The CM for the game was giving out 200 beta keys to the 1st 200 people to click a link. I clicked, and I was in.

I don't see anything in the NDA about not saying I'm in the beta, and the forums even let me use my beta character's name to post. But just in case, I won't say which one it is. A search around some of the upcoming games' forums will shed some light though, if you really want to know. Of course, I can't tell you anything about my experiences, but rest-assured that I will as soon as I'm allowed.

So, just when I was itching for something new to play, I get 3 games to go bug-hunting in. Life is grand. I can't wait to see how they all 3 shape up, and if all goes well, it'll be 3 more added to my collection of virtual worlds this fall.

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Keen said...

What's with you and Betas?! Dangit Bildo send me an email when you find stuff like this! :P

Grats on another beta you lucky dog.