Wednesday, July 25, 2007

100 Posts and I'm a Lucky Man

I've been blessed. By gaming gods, or by sheer luck. The past few weeks, I've been positively itching for something new to play. I've been with LotRO since August of 2006, and I've played, at some point or another, every other MMO on the bloody market. From free, to P2P, to microtransactions, I've tried them all, and found only a few enticing enough to stick with for my tastes.

You can imagine then, why I'm in a gaming doldrum. I just want something new to waste some time on.

So, I can today report to you as if you care that I got 2, not 1, but 2 beta invitations yesterday. I cannot tell you for what games they are, but rest assured I will and give my full impressions once the NDAs drop. Yes, that rules out Warhammer. I would be able to tell you if I got in to that one.

So for now, just take a bunch of guesses in your head as to why I'm such a lucky SOB, and I'll bring you news from both betas as soon as they drop their NDAs.

Man, this work day is going to drag...

PS - 100 posts, yay!


Kanthalos said...

Gods and Heroes and PotBS...

Grats on 100!

Oscar1986 said...

awesome blog, love it man!

check my ancient worldz blog if you get a chance

Keen said...

Bildo, I bet you got into PotBS you lucky dog!! Grats on the beta invites. I'm also just dieing to play something new.