Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Have a Headache.


It's really an interesting story.

You see my cousin and I had just moved into this tiny apartment in Bohan. Don't ask why... it's a long story involving the Russian mob and some not so good ideas on my part. Anyway, we get to this place and even though it's a feces-hole, he's as happy as a clam. An optimist, he says. I call it idiocy.

I leave the big moron to his glee and decide I'd better get to know my new surroundings. I've only been in Liberty City for a few weeks, and most of that time was spent in Dukes and Broker, you know? So anyway, I hop on this bike I... requisitioned for myself and start touring my new neighborhood. It's worse than Broker and Dukes by a landslide. Everything seems more rundown and tired. But I suppose it makes me a feel a little more at home too... not at all unlike Serbia.

So I start messing around with the bike, you know, going up stairs with it, tooling around in the grass at the local park... just screwing off, right? The local police apparently don't take kindly to this kind of mischief and next thing I know I find myself on the un-fun end of a high speed pursuit. But my bike can go where their cars can't.

I just have to learn to be more careful where I go.

I hopped the motorcycle up onto a sort of porch of this bank or something, trying to make a shortcut of it, and drive right off the top of the stairs that lead back down to the street so I can hang a right and hopefully lose the cops. But I often forget how tall I am, it seems.

There was an archway above the staircase and my bike was going a bit too fast. Needless to say I was clotheslined by the thing right off the back of my chopper. I lost a few teeth, my helmet cracked in half (thank God I was wearing one), and my bike now has a few love-bites in its fender. I'm alright, and I did get back on the bike and motor off, but man I have a headache now. And I'm pretty sure I left a spattering of my blood all over the archway.

But hey... what's life without a few bumps in bruises? I'm just not sure yet if I was better off in the merchant navy or if I made the right choice in coming here to live with Roman. This is the land of opportunity alright, but I've yet to make one right choice it seems.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not helping my plight here...

Why oh why did I visit Metacritc again? As if my desire to play this game wasn't already at a fever pitch, the little bastard comes strolling into the press with an aggregate score of 99 as of right now. Some quotes...


100 - IGN
I could go on and on about why Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games we've ever seen and why even folks who are easily offended should play it, but that would be pointless. The only thing you need to know is that you have to play this game. Period.

100 - IGN UK
Expectations were so high for Grand Theft Auto IV that one of the biggest surprises is that it's managed to meet them. That it's also gone on to confound these is truly a marvel, and the game's Liberty City is nothing less than one of the greatest videogame worlds yet conceived.

100 - 1UP
None of these little flaws take away from Liberty City's breathtaking vistas, incredibly varied scenery, and lived-in look (the PS3 version has the slightest visual edge, plus motion-control support -- but then it's missing Achievements and the eventual downloadable episodes exclusive to the 360 game). The city just feels alive.

100 - EuroGamer
Almost everything you do in Liberty City would be good enough to drive its own game, and the best parts would be good enough to outrun the competition, but the reason it works so well is that Rockstar has made a game that requires no patience to play. This, as much as its usual coherency and the best script in the series, is what makes GTA IV the best openworld game yet, and why it will take something miraculous to rob it of game of the year status.

100 - GameSpy
The very nature of the American Dream is the central theme in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV, a gaming masterpiece that is a picture-perfect snapshot of the underworld of today's big cities. This is not only the finest title of the generation thus far, it is one of the best games of all-time.

100 - Official Xbox Magazine UK
It's got a world you believe in, a cast you care about and a script stuffed with brilliant moments... Utterly stunning in every resepct. [May 2008, p.79]
100Team Xbox
It's amazing that a sequel that keeps the core gameplay concepts of its prior incarnations can do so much to change itself into something new. Cabs are awesome, as is the cellphones capabilities. But perhaps the biggest innovation is the notion that you can create a game that's as valid a piece of art as any book or movie. Is this our "Citizen Kane" moment?

100 - Game Informer
I now know how film critics felt after screening "The Godfather." It's been days since Grand Theft Auto IV's credits rolled, yet I can't seem to construct a coherent thought without my mind wandering off into a daydream about the game. I just want to drop everything in my life so I can play it again. Experience it again. Live it again...Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't just raise the bar for the storied franchise; it completely changes the landscape of gaming.

100 - GameDaily

Grand Theft Auto IV lives up to its grand expectations by weaving a Hollywood-ready "American Dream" plotline with a finely-tuned game experience -- taking the tried-and-true GTA formula and plugging it into a living, breathing version of Liberty City.

100 - GamePro
Considering the fact that it's been a target of political and media pundits who keep harping on the infamous "Hot Coffee" incident, it's understandable to think that Rockstar might tone down the adult themes in GTA IV. But thankfully, that didn't happen. This is a mature game, and a devilishly good one at that.

100 - VideoGamer
We all knew GTA 4 would be a great game and sell millions of copies, but I didn't expect it to shame pretty much every other game I've played this generation.

100 -
GTA IV is the best action game ever. The game has beautiful details, nice situations, extrodinary gameplay, sharp humor and great graphics. There are certainly a few minor negatives about the game, but the positive points are just too much. We have one piece of advice: Buy!

100 - Thunderbolt

Smashing down the barriers between videogames and movies, GTA4 is what happens when flawless game design and ridiculously high production values collide.

98 - IGN AU
Without a doubt, rest assured this is the best game yet for this generation. The only reason we've resisted giving it full marks is that in the same way GTA III?s template was blown out so much further in "Vice City" and "San Andreas," we're confident the next GTA on this generation will up the ante considerably.

98 - Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
Rockstar have surpassed themselves, delivering unquestionably the definitive GTA and perhaps the greatest videogame of all time. [June 2008]

98 - GameTrailers
Grand Theft Auto IV is the sex, drugs, and rock and roll of video games. It's a little less brave and intimidating this time around, but it?s also the most refined and polished game in the franchise?s history. This kind of sheen is generally reserved for titles with a much smaller scope.

95 - Computer and Video Games
Coming back to our original conundrum, GTA IV has its flaws as a game, like the sometimes problematic auto-aim shooting or the massive difficulty jump when you get to the final ten missions. But as an all-round experience it's truly, hype aside, a standout experience of gaming in 2008.


Only a few more hours before I can find out if it's all true...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

In 27 Hours...

I should be playing GTA IV.

But for now? I must sleep and dream sweet dreams of NaturalMotion physics and stolen Motorcycles.

I'm sure I'll come up with something to chat about tomorrow. But I had to just toss this out there.

With IGN calling GTA IV the best game since Ocarina of Time (my all-time most thoroughly enjoyed piece of electronic entertainment, even more so than Debbie Does Dallas 3: The Return of Gonorrhea Gil)... my Hype-o-Meter just got a lot higher.


Friday, April 25, 2008

AoC and WAR: Can't We All Just Get Along?

There was a time, not long ago now, when whenever a new MMOG came out fans of the genre would rally around each other and praise whatever said new game was simply because a new player in the field was to be welcomed and not shunned. There was no real division or segregation between fans of individual games, because the audience was smaller and we all had to stick together.

Now though... things are different.

In the fall of 2004 two games launched in the MMOG arena that deeply divided fans and critics alike: Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft. All the way up until the launch of both, I was torn between which to purchase. Ultimately I chose to go with WoW, as has been well catalogued here, but I've often dabbled in Everquest 2. I think it's clear to most that at launch WoW was the far more developed game but over time Everquest 2 has grown to a point where it easily rivals the depth and longevity of WoW.

But this is neither here nor there. What I'm getting at is that we're seeing the same treatment of two games this year as both Age of Conan and Warhammer Online are set to launch in 2008. Already, and for months into the past, these games' potential audiences have been rife with hatred towards each other.

Age of Conan will have better graphics. WAR will have better art style. Conan will have better combat. WAR will have better PvP. Conan will have a bigger penis. WAR will have a hit song. The list goes on and on, my friends.

I ask you... why can't fans of these games get along? I work for a site specifically catering to Age of Conan, and yet that doesn't stop me from being stoked about WAR's eventual release this fall. Even if the game ends up being very similar to what's on the market already, I'm excited to try out Mythic's take on the GW universe. I'm excited to partake in RvR, just as much as I'm excited to partake in Siege Warfare in Age of Conan.

Why, in all things (not just gaming) must people "pick a side" and go at the other with pointless and fruitless fury? Call me a pacifist, but I just don't see the point in drudging up hatred and vitriol over something so insignificant.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day.


A Weekend of Busy Business

Age of Conan's open beta (or closed-open, depending on how you look at it) begins next week. Pre-order people can start inputting their war-mammoth enabling headstart keys at the end of next week. It's very likely that the full NDA drop will occur as well towards the weekend.

Yes, Hyborian Adventures are nearly upon us. But that's the last thing on my mind right now.

This weekend, I'm done with school. I'll finish up my second degree in 6 years, and I really hope I nenver have to return to real schooling... unless someone else besides myself wants to pay for it. I've also got the mammoth goal of finishing my "To-Be-Published" work for Ten Ton Hammer. I want to have this stuff done by Monday night because at Midnight on Monday I'll be standing in line at my local Gamestop in order to get my filthy mitts on a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, and I don't plan on doing anything on the 29th except eat, poop, and play in Liberty City.

Yep, it's a busy weekend ahead. But it could be worth it. It should be worth it. There's no way GTAIV will suck... is there? Of course, there's always the off chance that I could get the game home only to get the RROD when I go to boot it up in my Xbox (knock on wood). I'm pretty sure I'd have a hissy-fit if that happens.

Anyway, there's really no point to this post. Just letting those who care (and those who don't) know that I'll be leaving my computer at work for my computer at home all weekend. Wish me luck, and a lack of hemmroids.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

CD Projekt Handling Polish Translation Version of AoC

This is awesome news.

You might not know the name CD Projekt, but you probably know their work from late 2007. These were the guys behind the mega-awesome PC-RPG "The Witcher" and it looks like they're going to be the ones knee-deep in severed heads far out in the land of Poles... no not the red light district or a YMCA concert, I'm talking Poland.

Very cool stuff, and good for you CD Projekt! Now make us a Witcher sequel would you?

Bottle-necks in Age of Conan

I was reading an article over on Saylah's blog over at Mystic Worlds when it dawned on me (I know I'm slow)... with FFA PvP servers in Funcom's Age of Conan PvP will be enabled everywhere except inside of towns and city hubs. In cities and towns, it'll be a safe haven from the harsher wilds of Hyboria. Now this isn't exactly lore appropriate, but it does help PvP players have a safe place to go and enact trades, check their mail and go AFK.

My only concern with this is what can best be described as bottle-necks. Now assuming that Funcom doesn't already have a solution to this problem (the NDA is still up after all for General and Technical Beta tests), what I'm referring to are those choke points that will be created by the Safe-Zones and their exits into the greater FFA zones that will be the rest of Hyboria.

If left without some sort of solution, these areas could become havens for gankers and it will wind up being the kind of game where smacktards sit outside of a city jumping around like numbnuts and waiting for some poor schmuck to leave the safety of the city or town. Somehow though, I don't think Funcom would let this problem slip by.

This is just an educated guess, but I'm thinking that the "safe zones" that are Cities and Towns will be real "zones", as in you'll have to load in and out of them as you might do in EQ2. If this is the case, the developers can simply place a temporay invulnerability buff on players who have recently zoned, giving them time to get acclimated to their surroundings before they get raped by a bunch of rabid PvP fanatics out for a cheap thrill near the newbie towns.

Out of the two scenarios, I'm inclined to believe that the latter is the way things will work come launch. Even in an Open PvP environment, there must be some measure of policy in place in order to fit in the greater contexts of the game (like auctions, trading, crafting, etc). The former example of bottle-necks seems too conducive to rampant griefing and ultimately unhappy players, while the latter example of zoning and invulnerability buffs makes more sense for the greater purpose of a FFA PvP server. At least in my version of the rules it does.

My only worry is what if the invulnerability buff breaks and some lucky guy winds up running around Hyboria unable to die and reigning terror on anyone whose path he crosses? If that happens... I hope it's to me. Then again, I suppose Funcom can make this impossible by simply making the buff also remove the buffed player's ability to do damage for the duration as well.

Bah, this is all theory-crafting. We'll see how it works soon enough. Open beta and presumably an NDA lift is next week.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lost In Hyboria - "Our Eyes Bleed"

New strip up at TTH. Take a gander...

Lost In Hyboria - "Our Eyes Bleed"

Very appropriate, I think.

You see, over the past few weeks we ran a contest at TTH called "AoC-4-Life". There were over 600 entries of 250 word essays into this contest, and we CMs of the Age of Conan site had to read and judge them all. Not exactly an easy task.

But of course, in the face of losing, people don't care what we went through making our selections... they're just pissed that we didn't pick their entry. Accusations, vulgarity, and death-threats abound but what can we say? We expected as much.

I'm just glad the thing's over.

For the most part our community was very calm about losing, but there's always those few people who have a completely irrational sense of entitlement which turns to rage when confronted with an opposition. People are strange, when you're a stranger.

Monday, April 21, 2008

GTA Fever

I'm sick. I can't think straight. My head's all swimming. My vision's blurring. Yep... I've got GTA Fever.

We're just 1 week away from the launch of what could be this year's BIGGEST game. Now, I've said it before but it bears repeating: I'm not the world's most bonafide GTA nut. My favorite is probably still GTA III for the way it broke new ground, and I really could never get into San Andreas. But probably more than any other game releasing this summer, even my beloved Conan, GTA IV excites me.

You want to know how much it does? I've got it marked on my calendar here at work that I'm taking a trip to Liberty City on the 29th. I pick up my copy at midnight at my local Gamestop, and I don't suspect I'll sleep that night. Hurray free hours of leave for donating blood at my place of work!

If anyone stopping by also plans on getting the game and wants to meet up for some online play via the Xbox 360, just look up JoBildo and send me a friend invite.


EDIT: Forgot to say how the interview went this weekend. I think I interviewed well, but my PPT file wouldn't open (what kind of design firm doesn't have compliant software from 2003 or latter?), and the people there... well, just left something to be desired by yours truly. With a government job that I already have, I can afford to be picky, and I just wasn't feeling the love at this place. It was far more bland than I'd expect a graphic design and website development studio to be. Not my bag.

A Web Application Project - Help Bildo

I'm currently stewing a major project idea, but to even get it off the ground I'm in need of a web developer that has experience with E-commerce.

If anyone reading this site has experience in web application development and has the ability to prove such, please contact me. I don't need it right away, but I do need it on the cheap side. No "$1,000 is my final offer please". It's not THAT big of a project.

E-mail me: jobildo at tentonhammer dot com

Keen's AoC Impressions from the PvP Weekend

Just thought I'd draw a little attention to a friend's excellent write up of his weekend spent playing Age of Conan. Keen covers it all and has tons of video to boot. Really good stuff, broheim.

Keen's AoC PvP Weekend Stuff

Now, keep in mind only people who were in the PvP Weekend can say anything right now. The NDA for that was lifted, but the rest of the General Beta testers and Tech Beta testers are still held to the NDA. No thoughts from that side of the testing yet, but likely soon as the Open Beta begins in a littler over a week.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

AoC's PvP Weekend = No NDA

And the forumites at TTH are letting out their thoughts on the game...

Age of Conan PvP Weekend Impressions

Not sure how many of you care, but I just thought I'd share with you this link so you can see what others think of the game. May 20th is only a a month away now... I can't wait!

Friday, April 18, 2008

AoC's NDA and My Own Site's Progress

Well, in a massive letter to the community, J. Tharaldsen (only because I don't want to butcher his name do I call him J) spelled out tons of info regarding the upcoming open beta.

The most interesting one to me is that they might leave the NDA up after the open beta has begun, which I've got to say I find a little bit odd. Once those servers open to 50,000 people, there's going to be no stopping the swell of info and critiques that will cover the internet in a matter of hours, NDA or not. But perhaps they're keeping it in place for press reasons. J wasn't too specific about why, just that they plan to drop it well before launch on the 20 (or 17th for pre-order folks).

I know a lot of pessimists out there would cry foul at this little tidbit. Let me just remind those people that Anarchy Online NEVER dropped the NDA until launch. Some might say this was a good move, others a poor one, but I'm just bringing it up for a perspective on how Funcom operates. I'll be happy if it's dropped just 2 weeks before release. That's more than enough time for everyone to get their opinions on the game out there and heard.

Plus it gives me more time to ready content for Ten Ton Hammer.

Anyway, there's them apples.

I'd also like to take a second and ask you lot to check in on my WORK IN PROGRESS personal website. I've recently begun slapping together the code for the online portfolio of my design work, and I'd like to make sure it's working for you lot.

I've still got some issues to clear up in FF, as those of you using said program will notice. Possibly even Safari. But all seems well in IE5-7 at least to my eyes...

Anyway, if you could drop by there and take a look at the portfolio page (AGAIN IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT FINAL), I'd be mighty obliged. Just click the link below to take a gander.

Bildo's WIP Web Portfolio

Additionally, if anyone browsing my site sees something they like and thinks "Hey I could use something like that!", I'm always accepting new clients.

Business Cards, Stationery, Logos, Wordmarks, Websites, Blogs, Flash movies, advertisements, fliers, pamphlets, CD covers, DVD inserts... basically whatever you need. Even personalized cartoons for whatever the occasion may be. I'm a fully-functional web and graphic designer with a penchant for anything creative. You name the project and I'll jump on it.

Just contact me at wmurphy at rebelutionstudios dot com.

I've been told that my mail server is bouncing some senders. If the above address doesn't work, try: bildotheirish at gmail dot com

That'll do it for my shameless self-promotion on a blog about my gaming habits. I think I've done enough for today.


EDIT: One last note about the site. The WEB section has a lot of links in it, but you'll notice only one displayed project currently. I had to sleep at some point last night, so I couldn't finish that section.

The project for FD Productions listed under the WEB section has a link to the client's site. The site you'll find at said link isn't my work. I'm actually uploading the site I built for him to that address later this evening. Said work can be found at this LINK though, if you want to take a look at that.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Age of Conan Open Beta May 1st

Nothing more needs to be said, except that if you have a paid Fileplanet or IGN account, May 1st is the day heads will roll.

The NDA will probably drop that day as well... for what it's worth. I hope to have plenty to write about when this happens. You know, if I get into the open beta... ahem.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My First Design Job Interview...

I walked into my office this morning and sat down, ready to start the slow process that is my current daily routine when my cell rang and showed a number that I didn't recognize. I let my voice mail pick up, and lo and behold it was the President of a small design form local to me that received my e-mail resume submission yesterday and wants to interview me this weekend.

Wish me luck... this plate just keeps getting filled up more and more. Here's hoping I don't make an ass of myself as I'm prone to do (I know, that's SO hard to believe).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Long But Short Weekend...

Weekends lately are an odd beast. I've got so much going on between finishing up in my classes and web design work, not to mention TTH work... that they don't feel like weekends at all. Just days of the week where I don't have to commute.

That'll all change in two weeks though... no more school after the 27th. Two degrees, 18 years, and thousands of dollars later, I'm finally done with school unless some job in the future wants to send me off for more. But as for me breaking the bank for it? No more. Uh-uh. I'd like to retire before I'm 95.

I did get some Hellgate London in this weekend for the first time in a while. I'm still not fond of many classes except the pet ones, so I started Nightmare Mode with my Engineer that I first finished the game with months ago. Talk about a riot. I wish the normal mode of the game was as cool as Nightmare, because it would make going through the beginning levels much more fun. For the first 20 or so levels of Hellgate, even in Elite mode (unless you're playing Hardcore where death is permanent), you don't feel very afraid of anything. All enemies are relatively easy to beat, and there's no sense of impending doom. But as you near the end of the game, things get a lot more interesting.

That mentality carries over into Nightmare mode because of the bigger and badder mobs, and the fact that you're not starting from scratch. Taking my level 30 Engineer back to the beginning of the game on a higher difficulty feels 100 times different than starting a brand new character at level 1. It's very reminiscent of Diablo 2 and the hours upon hours I spent there, but somehow there's still something missing. I can't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, it's a great action game and one I'm still glad I picked up on launch.

That's my update for today unless some bombshell drops during the Monday boredom-fest. Just wanted to keep my loyal readers tuned into the fact that I'm nearing a looser schedule which should enable me to get back to my normal blogging pace.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lost In Hyboria - "Three Strikes"

Put a new comic up today over at Ten Ton Hammer. Check it out by clicking the link below...

Lost In Hyboria - "Three Strikes"

I'm really digging doing these every week, and we've got some big plans in the future for the strip, so I hope you lot are reading them and enjoying them as well. The response so far has been pretty positive, so we've got that on our side. Pretty soon we'll have a page on the site that has the collection of them linked for easy browsing.

It's gotten to the point where this is my favorite thing to do each week. Who knows, maybe with practice and patience I could make a living out of cartooning.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Super Busy, Still Nothing to Tell...

I've been really busy lately with school and work and TTH stuff, and I'm also actively seeking out positions in what I hope will be my new field (web and graphic design and development) so I'm afraid I've got nothing to write at the moment. My head's all over the place, so I ask that what readers I have left stick with me a bit longer.

I've got 3 more weeks of class, and it's not long before Conan launches (and the NDA lifts and we'll all have plenty to chat about), but until then updates are going to be sporadic unless something really strikes a nerve.

Check back later for some new comics and whatnot.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Let Me Tell You a Little Story...

So I finally receive my PC parts on Wednesday at about 2pm. I spend about two hours unpacking and putting it all together, ever so carefully. I transport the behemoth to my office and plug it in for the very first time.

Odd, I think to myself, there's no 1 second hum of the PSU fan to indicate that power is surging through the unit. Hmmm... I press the power switch and! Nothing.

Sh*t, f**k, d*mn, so*uva***ch! What the hell did I do wrong?! I played with the front panel switches and every connection for hours. I got the unit down to the barebones. Just the PSU, MoBo, and the CPU. Still nothing. Just a faint high-pitched hum of electricity, as though the PSU is faulty.

I yank out the PSU and plug it into the already working 4 year old Dell. It boots up fine, PSU is all hunky dory, and no issues are to be found. Is it the CPU? Nope, all inserted and cozy just fine. The MoBo? Maybe. So I call Newegg and request to return and have sent out to me a new MoBo and a new CPU.

I went to bed that night angry, and feeling like I had just been ripped out of 800+ bones. What a crappy day that was.

So I wake up Thursday morning, and I'm tempted to stay home from work "sick" another day to play with the PC some more and make sure I'm not missing something stupid. But eventually, I realize that I'm fooling myself, the unit or part of it is broken and I need to go to work and just wait on the new parts from Newegg.

I hop in my car, slip in the keys, and... nothing. Oh SH*T. You've got to be kidding me, right? First my new PC won't start, and now the barely driven 4 year old car seems to be out of juice. "What an effed up week, this is turning out to be," I say to myself.

But it then took a turn for the better. After having the car towed to my Kia dealership for diagnostics, I got a ride back home from one of their staff and figured why not spend the day now screwing around with the non-working PC and see what I did wrong.

For a while I still can't get the sucker to work, and I resort to forum posting and checking for Tech Help since Gigabyte's help blew chunks, and Newegg doesn't offer tech support via the phone since they cover such a broad range of pieces. I come across a post about some poor chap who also can't get his new PC to boot, and the first reply strikes a chord...

"Did you remember to put in the grounding screws between the MoBo and the case?" the commentor asks.

Oh. My. Gourd. What a tool I had been. What a boner of a move. What a Charles Darwin award-winning fool I am. I had completely forgotten to put in the grounding screws, and the MoBo was simply shorting out with the rest of the case being pressed up against it. That's it. That's all it was. Nothing broken. Nothing plugged in wrong. Just about 7 little golden screws I had completely forgotten to install.

My PC building friends all say the first one's the hardest, and that it usually has something stupidly minor and obscure wrong with it to boot. I guess they were right.

Needless to say I was up and running about half and hour later. I dig Windows Vista. I dig DX10. The Nvidia 9600Gt is an EXCELLENT choice for a mid-range card. And Hellgate: London is marvellous looking in DX10. Oblivion is a whole new experience. I can't wait for Conan on May 20th now.

So what did we learn, kids? When building a PC for the first time, expect to f**k up and just hope that it's a minor issue and that you don't fry your own arse.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Home and Waiting...

I called UPS yesterday when my packages made it to the local warehouse to see if I could stop by on my way home to pick them up. The guy said it'd be no problem and even offered to give me directions. Why then, when I arrived at the warehouse was I told that they couldn't give me my packages because they were still on the trucks?

What's worse is when I got home I found out they had been unloaded to be put on the delivery trucks right after I left. Now, it's just 1 day I have to wait, and I made sure to take the day off so not to miss the delivery, but I am a bit worried it was all for naught.

The PSU for my new PC was delivered from Tennessee and not California so it arrived yesterday... at 6pm. Here's hoping that's not how long it takes for the rest of the parts to arrive today. Or I just pretty much wasted some sick leave... bah.

Whatever, a day off is a day off, am I right?