Sunday, April 27, 2008

In 27 Hours...

I should be playing GTA IV.

But for now? I must sleep and dream sweet dreams of NaturalMotion physics and stolen Motorcycles.

I'm sure I'll come up with something to chat about tomorrow. But I had to just toss this out there.

With IGN calling GTA IV the best game since Ocarina of Time (my all-time most thoroughly enjoyed piece of electronic entertainment, even more so than Debbie Does Dallas 3: The Return of Gonorrhea Gil)... my Hype-o-Meter just got a lot higher.



Anonymous said...

Grats in advance on snagging a copy tonight. :)

Keen said...

My copy is fully paid for and I'm ready to get my hands on it tomorrow! Right now I'm playing Mario Kart Wii and it's an awesome game... going to be splitting my time between the two. :D

Bildo said...

I'm sitting here at work now, trying not to think about it.

With IGN calling it the best game since Ocarina of Time and it's hovering in the 99th percentile on Metacritc... I'm getting very eager to hop into Liberty City.

SO glad I took tomorrow off for a "mental health day".