Monday, April 21, 2008

GTA Fever

I'm sick. I can't think straight. My head's all swimming. My vision's blurring. Yep... I've got GTA Fever.

We're just 1 week away from the launch of what could be this year's BIGGEST game. Now, I've said it before but it bears repeating: I'm not the world's most bonafide GTA nut. My favorite is probably still GTA III for the way it broke new ground, and I really could never get into San Andreas. But probably more than any other game releasing this summer, even my beloved Conan, GTA IV excites me.

You want to know how much it does? I've got it marked on my calendar here at work that I'm taking a trip to Liberty City on the 29th. I pick up my copy at midnight at my local Gamestop, and I don't suspect I'll sleep that night. Hurray free hours of leave for donating blood at my place of work!

If anyone stopping by also plans on getting the game and wants to meet up for some online play via the Xbox 360, just look up JoBildo and send me a friend invite.


EDIT: Forgot to say how the interview went this weekend. I think I interviewed well, but my PPT file wouldn't open (what kind of design firm doesn't have compliant software from 2003 or latter?), and the people there... well, just left something to be desired by yours truly. With a government job that I already have, I can afford to be picky, and I just wasn't feeling the love at this place. It was far more bland than I'd expect a graphic design and website development studio to be. Not my bag.


Oakstout said...

Sad, but I too and looking forward to purchasing this game.

I haven't picked up one since Vice City, but this one just looks like lots of fun.

Bildo said...

We'll DEFINITELY finally have to meet up on Xbox Live, Oak. It's high time we played a round of something together.