Monday, April 7, 2008

Super Busy, Still Nothing to Tell...

I've been really busy lately with school and work and TTH stuff, and I'm also actively seeking out positions in what I hope will be my new field (web and graphic design and development) so I'm afraid I've got nothing to write at the moment. My head's all over the place, so I ask that what readers I have left stick with me a bit longer.

I've got 3 more weeks of class, and it's not long before Conan launches (and the NDA lifts and we'll all have plenty to chat about), but until then updates are going to be sporadic unless something really strikes a nerve.

Check back later for some new comics and whatnot.



Keen said...

Bildo! I'm relying on you to help me figure out when I can get my pre-order codes for the 3 day head start.

Bildo said...

Apparently, if you ordered online the codes will go out "a few days" before the 17th.

If you ordered in store, you should receive a call from the store when they have the codes in. I'd suggest calling them though. We all know how good at that kind of stuff Gamestop is.

Pre-ordered games in store? Good at reminding you for those.

Pre-order MMO coded? Not so good.

Keen said...

What would you recommend? In-store or Online pre-order? I figure you know just about as much as anyone which one might be better. I'm really out of the conan loop.

Bildo said...

That's a tough one. I believe is charging an extra 5 dollars for the digital download headstart, meaning you'd be paying 55 + tax. But we know for sure that they'll be sending out keys.

IN-STORE no one seems to know how the keys and URLs for the headstart will be handed out.

I'm as clueless as the next guy in that regard. What I'd do, regardless?

I'd get the in-store one so you don't risk not getting your copy on the official launch day, as apparently on the 20th you'll need to input the retail code to continue playing past the 3 day headstart.