Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Home and Waiting...

I called UPS yesterday when my packages made it to the local warehouse to see if I could stop by on my way home to pick them up. The guy said it'd be no problem and even offered to give me directions. Why then, when I arrived at the warehouse was I told that they couldn't give me my packages because they were still on the trucks?

What's worse is when I got home I found out they had been unloaded to be put on the delivery trucks right after I left. Now, it's just 1 day I have to wait, and I made sure to take the day off so not to miss the delivery, but I am a bit worried it was all for naught.

The PSU for my new PC was delivered from Tennessee and not California so it arrived yesterday... at 6pm. Here's hoping that's not how long it takes for the rest of the parts to arrive today. Or I just pretty much wasted some sick leave... bah.

Whatever, a day off is a day off, am I right?

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syncaine said...

Same deal with me actually, I called them, but they told me you can't pick it up. Mine was for 3k though (whole computer) so many that makes a difference, not sure.

I also called them and requested I be the first stop on the trucks route that day. He came at 1pm, so that clearly worked...

Good luck though, soon enough you will get some new gaming goodness. I recommend playing LoTRO on max, it really does look amazing.