Friday, April 18, 2008

AoC's NDA and My Own Site's Progress

Well, in a massive letter to the community, J. Tharaldsen (only because I don't want to butcher his name do I call him J) spelled out tons of info regarding the upcoming open beta.

The most interesting one to me is that they might leave the NDA up after the open beta has begun, which I've got to say I find a little bit odd. Once those servers open to 50,000 people, there's going to be no stopping the swell of info and critiques that will cover the internet in a matter of hours, NDA or not. But perhaps they're keeping it in place for press reasons. J wasn't too specific about why, just that they plan to drop it well before launch on the 20 (or 17th for pre-order folks).

I know a lot of pessimists out there would cry foul at this little tidbit. Let me just remind those people that Anarchy Online NEVER dropped the NDA until launch. Some might say this was a good move, others a poor one, but I'm just bringing it up for a perspective on how Funcom operates. I'll be happy if it's dropped just 2 weeks before release. That's more than enough time for everyone to get their opinions on the game out there and heard.

Plus it gives me more time to ready content for Ten Ton Hammer.

Anyway, there's them apples.

I'd also like to take a second and ask you lot to check in on my WORK IN PROGRESS personal website. I've recently begun slapping together the code for the online portfolio of my design work, and I'd like to make sure it's working for you lot.

I've still got some issues to clear up in FF, as those of you using said program will notice. Possibly even Safari. But all seems well in IE5-7 at least to my eyes...

Anyway, if you could drop by there and take a look at the portfolio page (AGAIN IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS, NOT FINAL), I'd be mighty obliged. Just click the link below to take a gander.

Bildo's WIP Web Portfolio

Additionally, if anyone browsing my site sees something they like and thinks "Hey I could use something like that!", I'm always accepting new clients.

Business Cards, Stationery, Logos, Wordmarks, Websites, Blogs, Flash movies, advertisements, fliers, pamphlets, CD covers, DVD inserts... basically whatever you need. Even personalized cartoons for whatever the occasion may be. I'm a fully-functional web and graphic designer with a penchant for anything creative. You name the project and I'll jump on it.

Just contact me at wmurphy at rebelutionstudios dot com.

I've been told that my mail server is bouncing some senders. If the above address doesn't work, try: bildotheirish at gmail dot com

That'll do it for my shameless self-promotion on a blog about my gaming habits. I think I've done enough for today.


EDIT: One last note about the site. The WEB section has a lot of links in it, but you'll notice only one displayed project currently. I had to sleep at some point last night, so I couldn't finish that section.

The project for FD Productions listed under the WEB section has a link to the client's site. The site you'll find at said link isn't my work. I'm actually uploading the site I built for him to that address later this evening. Said work can be found at this LINK though, if you want to take a look at that.


The Dread Pirate Guy said...

Hadn't said "Hi" in a while. I'm back to updating. I hope you've been well.

Kanthalos said...

I'm actually going to be getting started on a personal website really soon myself, though more as a resume tool than to build them for others. I'm getting pretty hot and heavy with Dreamweaver (while also trying to update my rudimentary knowledge of HTML in the process) and flash. It will probably be a month or so before I have anything solid, but I'm really excited to get started on it. Good work on yours, though. It's looking really good so far.

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