Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tabula Rasa - Press NDA Dropped

The Press-MDA has dropped for Tabula Rasa, and Michael of MMOGNation has laid out his thoughts for us.

I can't say much without breaking the NDA myself, since I'm not press like Michael. I can however say that I agree entirely with his assertions. So go read the article.

The part about subscription charges is right on the money from my viewpoint. Ugh... I still can't say more. My own full impressions will come as soon as they let me loose. So until then, read Michael's and enjoy.


heather said...

Interesting. If there's a free trial I will probably try it, but my funds for monthly fees are limited enough that I will probably not pay for the game unless I can try it out first and make sure it's something I'd find worth the money.

Bildo said...

My take exactly. It's part of the reason I'm such a beta hound.

I love the testing and community building, but I also really like the fact that I can see the game and try it before it comes out.

MMOs are big purchases, you expect to usually get a good handful of months playtime out of them. It only makes sense to want to try them first. :)

Anonymous said...

On my side I dont entirely agree.

Just to give a somewhat different opignion I would like to point towards the article the folks at Warcry wrote.