Monday, July 30, 2007

Frustrations and Whatnot

What is one supposed to do when they get frustrated with their current game of choice? Am I really supposed to stop subscribing and come back with a fresh perspective in a few weeks or months? I'd love to, but honestly, there isn't much for me to play aside from the betas I'm in right now.

And maybe that's okay, because said betas are a blast. I may end up ruining that launch day awe and wonder, but I'm having so much fun right now, that I don't really care.

I'm typing all this because it's happened. I've become angered at LotRO in just under a year of playing. Never in beta did I get far enough to see a lack of soloable content, but I am seeing it in retail. At nearly 37, quests are starting to run dry, and I'm consistently doing things above my level just so I have something to do on my own.

I suppose this may not be a problem if my Kinship were a more active bunch, but we're all over the place in terms of when we play and for how long, so organizing anything is a chore.

It's not the gameplay that bothers me, that I still enjoy. It's the feeling that very soon I'll have to do nothing but kill mobs without a quest to make it small-goal oriented. And while killing in a duo or a group is a blast, solo it is not.

So someone, offer me an opinion. What would you do? Take a break or forge onward to the level 40 wall, and hope the Book 10 patch does for 40+ what Evendim sort of did for 33+?

Because right now, I'm thinking I'll just play the hell out of these betas. They're more fun than Middle-earth right now. Of that I'm certain.


Cameron Sorden said...

The quickest way to a surefire burn-out is playing a game that isn't fun for you because you feel like you should.

Stick with the betas or tackle some old favorites.

Kanthalos said...

When's the last time you tried EQ2? I think it has so much more depth than any other game out right now. While it isn't revolutionary, it is quite different and offers more than a lot of MMOs now. There are tons of us bloggers playing EQ2 now so you're sure to find some people to play with and help you out. If you don't think it's for you, then hopefully your betas are fun.

Bildo said...

Last time I tried EQ2 was not but a month or so ago. It's simply not the kind of game that connects with me. It may be the world, or the art, but it just doesn't stick with my brain.

I may try it again though. I'm always going back to it, I just never stick with it.

Anonymous said...

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Pixie Styx said...

wow in the same place as you ... just glad that i got a couple of betas to play with...however to be honest I'm about done with them ... damn nda

Bildo said...

The ones I'm in I just started with, and I'm already about 100% sure I'm buying them on release day.

But even so, I want to keep testing them... bug hunting is a blast, and it doesn't hurt that the games are actually fun either.

Even so, I'd love something permanent to play, something I knew wasn't going to be wiped in a few months. I'm thinking about SWG or EQ2 or CoH again... but I just don't know.

Keen said...

Honestly Bildo it gets worse. Much much worse 40+. I am about to hit level 50 on my Captain (just a few more hours of grinding, ugh) and I am beginning to resent the game. I think the only reason I am pushing towards 50 is because I can't stand quitting at 49 LOL.

In my straight up purely honest opinion I think it's time to let go of LOTRO for you Bildo. Your beta fun means you're growing away from LOTRO which is a perfectly acceptable thing. I'm going to be right behind you.

Best of luck in whatever you choose!

Aspendawn said...

Dang you all lucky souls getting these beta invites! We're sitting at level 39 in LOTRO and I just seem to get more frustrated each level. The solo quests in Evendim weren't very soloable so I've been killing mobs working on traits to get my levels.

The other half would go back to SWG or EQ2 in a heartbeat if I was willing. I won't go back to EQ2 but maybe SWG. I don't know what to play anymore honestly.

Glad you're enjoying the betas. There's hope then that some good stuff to play is not too far off.

Bildo said...

"The solo quests in Evendim weren't very soloable so I've been killing mobs working on traits to get my levels."

That sounds like a ton of fun... *crickets*. Grinding in LotRO is an absolute chore if you're solo. Because combat is somewhat boring unless you're with numbers.

Indeed the 2 most recent betas I'm in are very promising. One's more of a tradition MMO with a great hook, and the other is Monty Python's "something completely different".

I'm nearly certain I'll be buying both at launch... I just wish that they'd hurry up and release.