Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Couple of Homework Layouts

Here's a couple of JPGs from my 1st week in class. These are just two basic layout designs for a fictitious japanese restaurant. Feedback more than welcome. Which is your favorite and why, if you even like them? :)


Tipa said...

Very pretty but... you romanized doumo arigatou wrong :P

Ryan said...

ha, was just going to say the same thing tipa said; it's "domo arigatou"

i like the lower, black one better. i get distracted by the sushi too much in the top one, and (personal preference) i've never really been a fan of that color scheme. the black one is hot though.

Bildo said...

Bah! I could have sworn I researched it and got it right... part-time dyslexia kikcing in. ;)

Thanks for the comments guys. Ultimately, it's up to my professor to choose one. For sheer looks, I like the bottom one as well, but for restaurant appropriateness she may like the top one. I don't know. We shall see.

I think the bottom works as a minimalist style, which coincides with the Japanese theme.

Kevin said...

The bottom one works better for the ideals of Japanese food: simple and subtle. The colors also work better for a Japanese restaurant.

Keen said...

Lookin good Bildo! Keep it up and you'll be redesigning my blog.

Bildo said...

Thanks guys. :)

Keen, give me 5 weeks in this class and I'll get back to you.