Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gods & Heroes Making Its Move...

Into my psyche.

I'm one of those people (READ: gamers) who always psyches himself up for what's on the horizon. More often than not I'm disappointed by my own hopes and dreams of what the newly released product should of been, instead of enjoying it for what it is. I think far to often, we as the "hardcore" gamers (those who read blogs, follow news, and in general spend far too much time checking websites) become jaded by being too close to our hobby. We read too much about it. We hear too much about it. We think too much about it.

I remember in the infant stages of my addiction to gaming, I played anything and everything. I wasn't a critic. I didn't dig deeper into what I wanted from my games. I played them and I enjoyed them. Heedless of bugs and graphics, and all of that cod that is now shoved into my head and I can't forget it.

So now, when I am eager for a new game, I usually become so with just a hint of cynicism. I want it, I'm excited for it, but I try not to expect too much. I capstone every positive thought about an upcoming game with "if they do it right."

So that in mind, after watching some video on Gods and Heroes Minion system, after watching an interview over at TTH with one of the producers... I'm sold. I'll buy it. You've got me. Diablo + Pokemon + Roman Myth = GOODNESS. I'm sure it will have its share of drawbacks for me. Lack of crafting and PvP at launch scream "bare bones", but I'm a sucker mainly for story, adventure, and lots of numbers to crunch for my character.

If it delivers on these things, maybe I can, if just for a moment, remember what it was like to be a kid without prejudice towards my games. Maybe I just need to start making an effort at that as a whole. Take things for face value, whether its your hobby or your real life, and learn to love what you have, not just what you wish you had.

Sorry, getting deep in here. I want Gods and Heroes. Chalk up two MMo purchases for me this Fall. Gods and Heroes and Pirates of the Burning Sea. Without having played them, I'm sold. Done deal.


William said...

Sell you the game is not the same as keeping you as a subscriber. Take any of the old boxes you have laying around and see how many of them fix into that...

Bildo said...

That's part of my point, William. I think, in order to maximize the enjoyment of my 50 bucks spent, I need to stop worrying about "how long" it will entertain me and just take the game and enjoy it for what it's worth.

The shrewd spender in me wants to do the exact opposite. But I think there are far too many games I've said no to because I was afraid it wouldn't last long enough in my ADD-ified frame of thought.

It's time to let go of "how many hours can I get out of it" and start instead living with the "now".

Aspendawn said...

There's a lot of truth to too much reading up and psyching in advance causing the game to be less enjoyable.

When I first started gaming, I bought EQ at the suggestion of a friend who said it was a way we could chat and play together. And for years after, I still knew nothing of other MMOs. I didn't read forums. My ignorance was bliss I guess.

In a lot of ways it's similar to my vacation experiences. I love to travel. After my first couple trips, I thought I'd put more effort into planning it all out. I started a year ahead of time, accumulated brochures, and pretty much knew every nook and cranny of where I was going. But by the time the trip rolled around, I had already seen everything in pictures and knew all there was to know and just didn't enjoy it as much.

Would be nice to enter an MMO completely fresh, with not having seen screenshots, not having read forums, and just being wide-eyed and clueless and appreciating what is, rather than what isn't. But when you're spending $50 for that box, it's really hard not to peek.