Thursday, July 5, 2007

My 4th = Transformers Ruled and Titan Quest is Fun

Sorry for the no post on Wednesday. I'm trying to make daily posts, but a holiday often impedes that goal, so I beg your forgiveness.

You read that title right. Transformers ruled. It was the most genuine blockbuster fun I've had at the movies in a long time. Everything about it was hokey, geeky, and absurd... but damn was it fun to experience. I won't go into a rant about direction, acting, or any of that. There's no need. Just know that it's a wild ride, with great laughs, and amazing visuals. Michael Bay + Steven Spielberg = Great Freaking Action Movie. Go see it, for the kid in you.

On the gaming side of things I managed to accidentally hit level 32 in LotRO. I'm taking a couple day break (or so I tell myself) because I want to pace Begud a bit. Apparently there's some great new stuff coming in the August Chapter 10 update, for levels 35+, and I don't want to hit the level 40 solo-wall only to be bored while I wait.

So what did I do for my gaming fix? I picked up Titan Quest again and SoulSeekkor's TQDefiler. The result? A game that's way more fun than it was the 1st time through.

For those not familiar with it, Titan Quest is basically Diablo in ancient Greece, China, and Egypt. I've not bought the expansion yet, which also covers Hades. Anyway, I've been playing through it again with TQDefiler altering my play experience... in short, I've been cheating. I've increased the experience gain by a multiple of 5, increased the chance to get rares from chests, and increased the amount of skill points I get each level.

Does it unbalance the game? Of course. But does it making playing through dungeons that are static and don't change all over again way more exciting? Definitely. I'm not playing online, just by myself. So if you ask me, it's not cheating so much as making sure I get my money's worth.

I'm sure others would say differently, but eff 'em. I was once bored, but now I'm found. Was nerfed, but now I'm free.

Oh and one last thing... does anyone know how to play Anarchy Online? I'm trying out the free client, but hot-damn is it confusing for a newbie. Give me a hand, if you've got tips.


Cameron said...

Anarchy Online is quite a bit of fun for an older game. My brother and I used to play it back in the day. Unfortunately, it can be quite intimidating to pick up because they do _everything_ in a sort of unique way.

Your best bet is to go look for a newbie guide to learn the basics and then just jump in and get your feet wet. If you don't know where to go or what to do, solo missions from the terminals are pretty fun (or even better if you can find a partner). Martial Artist and Adventurer (think he's called that-- can't remember... the explorer guy class) are both decent soloers IIRC.

William said...

AO is not too bad of a game, once you understand that that it is older then WoW and does things in a differently because of that. I played for years until SWG came out. As for how to play Martial Artist and Keeper are great ones to start with, as for how to play start on the nood island and talk to everyone there, and so all their quest, it will help you understand and gear you up... As for Clan or Omni that is up to you it affects nothing. What server are you on RK1 or RK2?

Anonymous said...

If you want more add ons dungeons or even complete adventures, stop by TQVault. We have a ton of them there. :)

- Lok

SoulSeekkor said...

Thanks for the Defiler comment. :) If you really enjoy TQ, I would recommend getting the expansion...the new act looks great, the new mastery is a load of fun, and the new items and caravan are a god-send. Glad you're having fun! And the Vault Lok spoke of is