Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Done.

Just a quick post before I lose this thought.

I got lost in the Wizarding world of JK Rowling one last time this Sunday. No spoilers here, so read on. I read cover to cover the last book in the Harry Potter series. It was 2AM before I went to sleep. But it was worth it. The book was fantastic. The ending divine.

When I started reading Harry's tale I thought it would just be some hack's attempt at children's fantasy. I thought I wouldn't give into the fad that was sweeping the nation. I was wrong. Rowling's work is deep, many-layered, and altogether masterful. Now that's it's "over" I can hardly believe it is. I just hope that one day the author brings us back to the Wizarding world for some new adventure with some new character or one familiar. Because I can hardly bare never knowing more about that unknown place, muggle that I am.

It is an amazing place she's created, akin to Tolkien's Middle-earth or Lewis' Narnia. I know there is likely a sect of people who would rather never revisit Hogwart's. People who think these 7 books might be sullied by writing more. But for my part, I do hope she does. There's so much more to tell, or so I hope. And if one day she does write more on those things which I cannot comprehend, I'll be gladly lost again amidst the familiar confines of that great castle.


Kanthalos said...

Good to hear, I'm halfway through, I can't wait to finish it! Just waiting to get off work and get back at it. Hopefully I'll be done by Wednesday, but it will probably be Thursday. I was just telling my sister today, I sense a Harry Potter (Based) MMO emerging in the near future. If done right, it could be completely awesome with all age ranges. Rowling could put more money into it than Blizzard did WoW, so chances of failure would be slim.

The Dread Pirate Guy said...

I felt a genuine sense of loss knowing that the final book was over, and no more are set to come.

It ended the way it needed to.

heather said...

I swear eventually I'll read these. Really I will. I must be the only person left on the planet who's never opened a Harry Potter book (aside from my husband).