Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not much to report today...

Darren at Common Sense Gamer has a nice discussion going on about Richard Gariott's words on how the MMO genre needs to evolve.

Personally, I've not seen enough of TR's systems to say, "Garriott's not full of shite." For all I know, this could just be PR for Tabula Rasa. But more so, I think it's just a greatly respected designer explaining that he's one of many who sees much more potential for MMOs than just dungeons and hotkeys.

On a personal gaming note, I tried the mystery beta for the 1st time last night. I obviously can't go into detail, but it may just be what I was hoping it would. I know, that's vague, but I had to let you guys know. For when the NDA is lifted on this one, I'll be writing up my thoughts justly.

Tonight? Probably some Mythos or LotRO. The mystery game is WAY too addictive right now and I have to take a step back to avoid getting sucked fully into the beta thinking it's a game and not a testing phase. Deep breaths... *hooooo*

There, all better.


Kanthalos said...

Check this out, this is what sold me on TR... it's 22 minutes long, but its pretty sweet, the guy kinda makes an ass out of himself sometimes, but it's worth watching.

heather said...

I do want to check out TR at some point... when I don't have 50 other things to do. Sigh. =/

Bildo said...

I'm not holding out for it... something strikes me not promising about it. I can't put my finger on it.