Monday, July 2, 2007

I'd Rather Be Sailing...

My friend and fellow blogger, Keen has been feeling a little down these past 4 days. He's in the middle of what all of us gamers necessarily experience... a slump. Nothing to play, even though you have a wealth of games. Nothing's grabbing him.

And I'm right there with him. This Friday evening I pushed hard to finish my homework so that I could focus on LotRO and get some adventuring done... and yet I barely played the whole weekend. Why? I'm still having fun with the game, but why then don't I feel like playing it?

It's not the summer months by themselves I don't think. I got out of the house, spent some time in Cleveland, and had a cookout with family on Sunday. It's not like I'm couped up indoors all day. Then it hit me...

It's all these other games I'm dying to play. I'm still waiting for the tax amendment check to get my 360. I'm counting the days until the Pirates of the Burning Sea releases or lets me into the beta. I'm wondering if Gods and Heroes is indeed going to make the August scheduled release. I'm hoping sooner or later that Flagship will release Mythos to the masses, while I wait for October to come along and bring Hellgate: London. I'm wondering when Funcom is going to realize how awesome I am and send my a Conan beta key. Basically... it's the time of year for Game Expos and dreams of something new and shiny.

Don't even get me started on the 360 games coming out this fall. Everything from Mass Effect to GTAIV to Blue Dragon to Too Human. Nevermind that Halo rubbish everyone goes ga-ga over. Ugh, and then there's Super Mario Galaxy, Smash Brothers, Metroid Prime, and more on the Wii. FF: Crystal Chronicles, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and more on the DS. It's ridiculous how good the release list seems to be this late summer and fall into the holiday season.

And it's pissing me off.

I have nothing but perfectly fun games to play, many I've barely touched. I've still got to finish Zelda on the Wii, for Pete's sake. But I don't care. I just want something new. More importantly, I just want my frigate, my crew, and my rum. Could someone please tell Flying Lab I'm waiting?


Keen said...

We should start some form of support group.

Aspendawn said...

Count me in with that support group! Our household is gaming so little these days. And Pirates of the Burning Sea keeps getting better and better looking in my restless mind as time goes by. Arrghhh

Bildo said...

Let's all buy Guild Wars: Nightfall and pwn some newbs. :P

Or something... it's to the point where I'd ALMOST rather be working then at home bored during the weekday nights.

Anonymous said...

I left LotRO just recently. I mean the game was ok and all, but I just stopped wanting to play it, always found something else to do.

I think it has a lot to do with the quests for each area seem to all be the same, kill wargs, spiders, orcs, bandits. Also when you get mid 30's to 40's there are just too many places for people to quest at the same level, so it spreads the population thin.

The game is fun to explore in, and the main storyline with the vids are fun, but the overall questing system seems to be very repetitive. I think it will go down, at least for me as one of those games that does not live up to the hype and all the high reviews it is getting.