Monday, October 22, 2007

WoW Patch 2.3 Keeps Giving: Battleground Daily Quests

Like I mentioned a bit ago, I've been playing a lot of Alterac Valley in order to start hording up honor for the Season 1 Arena rewards that are hitting the Honor System with Patch 2.3. I've been able to keep pace of at least 1,000 honor a night, sometimes 2-3,000 if I've got a lot of time to spare, and that has me sitting comfortably at over 20k honor as of this writing.

My goal is to not only have enough (27,000) for the Crossbow, but to also have at least enough for the Gladiator's Shoulders to go with it. I've got more than enough AV tokens, but the honor is always needed. Tokens are easy to come by, you end up getting more of them than you need in the search for honor points... but the honor itself can seem daunting to accrue for a person with little time most evenings.

I was worried I'd not meet my patch-day goal, until I saw on MMO-Champion that Battlegrounds are getting their own daily quests. Similar to the Heroic Dungeon dailies that are going in, each day a daily quest giver for the BGs will task you with winning one of the 4 Battlegrounds. If you do so, you'll be able to complete the quest for...

1.) 11g 99s
2.) 3 BG tokens of the chosen Battleground
3.) AND 2096 HONOR.

For a while it was unknown if the 2096 bonus honor was a bug or not, but apparently not. I think it's quite a lot of honor to give for little work, but consdering so many have barely time to do one BG, combined with the chances of winning... it doesn't seem to crazy. You can only do one a day, so basically this ensures that more BGs besides AV get played on non-holiday times, and that players with precious little time can work their way to a snazzy S1 item in a couple week's time.

The key is... you have to win. Everyone and their mother, Ally or Horde, knows that you can go 5-10 matches without a win of any BG in sight. So I don't think this Daily Quest will be that big of an issue. If anything, it'll promote playing other BGs, in the hopes that you can win it and get the bonus gold and honor.

Anyway, I'm stoked. There's a lot of needed honor to deck out in S1 gear, and I'm hoping to do it. It'll be the 1st time any MMO character of mine has been "geared", even if it's 2 sets behind the current. I'm very glad to see Blizzard continuing to work towards giving players like me something to do and strive for at the level cap, even if it revolves around dress-up.

Cheers, folks.


Kanthalos said...

That's great news. Before I quit last time, I'd started doing BG's but decided it just wasn't worth the time, but this really gives me some incentive to get out there again. Heck, in two weeks you could gain nearly 30k honor and 170g for potentially 15 minutes a day. This patch is the best thing that's going to have happened to WoW in quite a while.

Anonymous said...

Sitting on 67k of honor and 100 marks.

Can't wait to go shopping when 2.3 hits