Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Cavalcade of Things

First, let me start by giving warning to all Wii or PSP owners, don't rent, buy, steal, or come within one hundred miles of Alien Syndrome. Such a great pedigree of an action game from the 90s ruined by purely bad gameplay. Lots of great ideas in the little top-down sci-fi action RPG, but none of them are pulled off well. The combat is stale within 30 minutes of playing, the graphics would make the PSOne feel godly, and the level design is so mind-numbingly boring you'll have a hard time getting through the first stage. Even if the camera wonkiness was fixed, the graphics tuned up, and the combat livened by some sort of miracle, this one wouldn't be worth your time due to extremely generic level design.

And this boys and girls, is why I have a Gamefly account. To try games like this, instead of buying. I could see myself desperately buying it, in a fit of boredom... but being immediately sad I did once I got it home. It's simply subpar at best.

However, the prospect of a Sci-Fi Action-RPG is a welcome one. Luckily, there's not long to wait until a good one hits the shelves. Hellgate: London has gone gold and will be on shelves come Halloween. If you've not had the chance to play the beta, or want to see what the game plays like offline without a bunch of chitter chatter and ping, there's a demo available for download today sometime. Head over to Fileplanet and check it out later. I heartily recommend this game, as I've stated before. But I still suggest trying it yourself.

Now if only The Witcher (a new open-world RPG) would put out a demo for me to try, all would be right in the world.

On a personal gaming note, I spent about 2 hours in Alterac Valley last night, and crakced the 2,000 honor mark, for a total of about 11,000 points on Begud. 16k more until I'm ready for my Crossbow... I can't wait. I think the AV weekend is this week, so I'm very likely to hit that 27,000 total if I can get the free time needed. I'd like to have 38,250 by the time 2.3 goes live, truthfully. That would afford me both my crossbow, and the wicked Gladiator's Shoulders. I'm starting to piece together a solo-PVE set (with a lot of mana regen) and my PvP set, and those shoulders are about the best a lowly guy like me can do for PvP. Sorry, I'm ranting. Needless to say, I'm still having fun in WoW. Who knew?


Adele said...

I want a Wii:(

Aaron Miller said...

I can't decide on The Witcher. A video review might be enough to make up my mind, but a demo would go farther. Sometimes I look at it and think it will feel like I'm just replaying Neverwinter Nights. I also wonder how my PC will handle it, which only a demo can really tell me.

As for the Wii.. Last time I talked to my fifty-something-year-old mom, she surprised me with plans to buy a Wii for herself. But they're still out-of-stock all the time, so she might lose interest before she finally finds one.

First the 360, and now the Wii. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last generation of consoles didn't have this supply problem. Why all the trouble this time? If there are more consumers, surely production could be increased. Or is this just marketing?

Wilhelm2451 said...

GameFly FTW!

That such a service existed helped make the Wii purchase easier.