Friday, October 26, 2007

PotBS Pre-Order... Not Quite Yet.

As Tobold points out today over on his blog, I jumped the gun when I said pre-order boxes were on shelves. Should have done some checking myself before I claimed as such.
This is not the news that we wanted to bring you, but there’s been a hold up in the pre-order process. It turns out that the release of the preorder box is being delayed while the retailers and SOE finish processing all of the returns of Gods & Heroes preorder boxes. Obviously, the cancellation of Gods & Heroes after the preorder boxes were already in stores is a very unusual situation and it is taking a bit longer than expected to work out the kinks.

To give the retailers and SOE time to finish processing those returns, the PotBS preorder box is being delayed until the week of November 13th.

We’re really sorry for the confusion, but we’re fixing it and then we can get the boxes in your hands.

Our friends at SOE are also very sorry. This has been a difficult week for them as most are working remotely out of hotel rooms and friends’ houses safely away from the fires. Some are getting back into the office today, and with their help we were able to sort out the issues involved in the preorder delay.

Before the preorder release date, we’ll make sure we have all the information you need: when the boxes will be in stores, what stores you can find it in, and where you can order the preorder box online. These are the three big questions you’ve been asking on our forums, and now that not quite so many things are burning (!) we will be able to get you those answers in time for the release.

Just a couple more weeks and then we’ll be there. Land is in sight.
So there's that, then. Bummer, but really it just doesn't matter. Of course some folks will make a stink about it, crying the end of the world. But considering the game's not out for 3 more months, I don't see the difference a few weeks make.

Looking forward to picking up my pre-order when I pick up Mario Galaxy on November 13th then. Works for me!

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