Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Flying Mounts Are Very Helpful

Here's a few shots of Pickles as I've taken to calling him. He's a handy dandy beast, and one that must have a strong back to bear carrying my fat dwarven arse. But let's leave my diet out of it. Just thought I'd show you some "Look Ma!" type pics from this past weekend when I got my little gryphon.

Next stop, Epic Nether Ray flying mount in oh... 2 months or so of questing, hehe. 5000 gold is a lot of time questing dailies and whatnot, and so is Exalted with the Skyguard. So it's either going to be this Nether Ray or a plain old Swift Gryphon. Whichever comes 1st, Exalted or 5000 gold. Wish me luck in attaining this goal before I set sail in January with PotBS.


brackish said...

Gratz Bildo.

*vlad* said...

Once you get your epic mount, you will realise just how slooooowww the normal bird is!
Get saving!

heather (errantdreams) said...

Well, this is going to show just how long it's been since I last played much WoW (though I'm finally trying to level my third toon to 70)---Skyguard? Epic Nether Ray? Where? How?

Bildo said...

It'll still cost you 5000g to train up for the flight skill, but by doing a few daily quests in a small camp east of Allerian Hold in Terrokar, as well as a camp around Ogri'La in Blade's Edge, it'll take you about 26 days of JUST daily quests to get the Exalted faction, and then be able to buy the Nether Ray mount.

The rough spot is still saving that 5000 gold, but each daily quest gives 12 gold, so that helps a lot.

Dailies though are by far the most efficient way to get gold. Add in a bit of farming of the Sunfury elves in netherstorm, and you've got 100g in about an hour.

If you need some info on dailies and how to get them all opened up, just head to www.wowwiki.com. Type in Shat'ari Skyguard Dailies and you'll have all the info you need.

Right now I'm working on my honor gear, then comes the epic mount. :)