Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What the hell is wrong with me?

Take a guess where this is headed. I played EQ2 for 2 weeks, reached level 20... and got bored. Take one wild, friggin' guess where I am spending my MMO time right now.

If you guessed somewhere in the Outlands, around Shadowmoon Valley, you were right.

I don't get it. I'm just unable to really enjoy any existing MMO except WoW right now, as much of a dead-end I know it is for me because I don't raid and don't have anyone to do the arenas with. I'm too casual for WoW's end-game, but I'll be damned if the path to that end isn't the best made of the whole MMO scene to date, even nearly 3 years after its launch.

My wife started playing before I came back, but on a different server with a friend of ours who's about as hardcore as they get. Seeing her having fun again with it, only made me miss Azeroth all the more. So I'm back. I can't transfer my Hunter or other characters to her server because theirs is PvP and mine is PvE, but I don't mind. I still have a few friends left on Blade's Edge, and I have the goal of getting my flying mount to achieve still.

Will I actually get to 70 this time? Meh... who knows. I do know Pirates isn't out anytime soon, and I know it's still 29 days until Hellgate: London hits the shelves, so at least I have time on my side. We'll see if I can't find some solace in familiarity for a while as I wait.

Is anyone else sharing my "Gah, I can't find a home!" feeling right now? When I'm not playing WoW, I'm left hopping between Oblivion, NWN2, Mythos, and the betas I'm in... but all I really want is one solid game to occupy my imagination. Maybe I'm just too picky. Bah well... enough whining. Thanks for reading.


Kanthalos said...

I'm totally with you. I feel like I have every reason to like EQ2, and I'm still working with it, but I can't help but feeling like it's not quite the game for me. I'm getting the call from WoW, but I know that I will be bored again within a week or two, so I'm trying to avoid the siren's song. *sigh*

Tipa said...

It's a game, play what you like. WoW is fun, it's a great game, there's many times I want to resub and get my gnome rogue out and bring my guild Snacks for the Horde back to life, but then I remember all the other times I did that and just ended up sitting around Ironforge doing battlegrounds.

Which were actually a heck of a lot of fun, except how Alliance always seemed to be steamrolled...

I only did BGs because I couldn't stand to do the boring boring boring quests for the sixth time (though it was only the third for Alliance characters).

Still though... playing a little gnome rogue with a silly guild was FUN!

Cameron Sorden said...

I feel ya man, but I'm still sitting pretty in VG (though I wouldn't recommend it for everyone). Have fun in Azeroth. :)

Cuppycake said...

I just posted about this very thing. I keep coming back to WoW - it's definitely the most enjoyable game out there right now, even though I too have no one to arena with and no time for raiding. =)

KevinC said...

I'm right there with ya. I've actually been MMO free for about four months now. I re-subbed to WoW back in Dec. 2006 and got in on Burning Crusade for the initial three months. Then I got burned out on Dramazhan. I then jumped into VG for three months but ultimately got bored there.

So aside from a beta, a little Oblivion and NWN2, I'm parched! I don't think I'll head back into WoW, I'm debating EQ2, but I'm holding out hope for a War beta (commence hysterical laughter now).

I've never been much for playing multiple games at one time, so I'm definitely past ready to sink my teeth into a new game. I think that will be War for me, so until then I'll just have to make due. Any recommendations?

Bildo said...

For a good action RPG, when it hits I definitely suggest Hellgate. That could last you a solid few months if you're into the good old days of dungeon loot hunting.

As for full-on MMORPGs, the one that strikes my fancy the most will hopefully be out long before WAR sucks my soul away... Pirates of the Burning Sea.

I'd heartily recommend that game to anyone looking for something unique to play this fall. An Open Beta (not the stress test FP has going now) should be forthcoming soon, and if not, come Oct. 23rd you can pre-order the game for 5 bucks and get a 15 day headstart to try the game before you buy it.

But, if worst comes to worst, and you just crave a high fantasy MMO, give LotRO a shot. It ended up a little too group-centric for me in the higher levels, and I lost the will to log in, but it really is a solid PvE game, with a decently fun PvP side game in Monster Play.

Aspendawn said...

Yeah I can't seem to settle in anywhere either. I wonder too if I'm just getting picky. I still tinker in SWG and using up my free EQ2 time while they let me. WoW is just one game I've never had the desire to go back to though. But obviously I'm in the minority. I'm still waiting for something!

Scott said...

Have you actually played Hellgate London yet Bildo?

I honestly wasn't impressed and found a lot of faults with the game.