Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Vow

I vow, from this point forward to ATTEMPT to not talk about any game that's more than 3 months away. Because, dear readers, every time I start writing, thinking, talking about one of said games I get my hopes up, my hype climbs, and I start forgetting that in the mean time I have plenty of good games to play out in the wild.

Games like Warhammer, Age of Conan, Spellborn... they're all so far away that if I start to get excited for them I'll just be asking for that same feeling of malcontent to come back that I was experiencing a few weeks ago. It's the Holidays very nearly here in the States, with many people believing they start with Holloween and don't stop until after New Years. From now until Christmas there's nothing but new games to try for the PC, the Wii, and the DS. If I had a 360, I'd not know what to do.

So, there we have it. In less than a week, I'll be playing Hellgate: London for keeps. Two weeks after that Super Mario Galaxy comes out. Zelda DS comes from Gamefly this week. The Witcher is still on my list of "To Get". Assassin's Creed is creeping up soon. And those are only what I can think of right at the moment. I'm a poor SOB with lots of school debt and a mortgage, so that's about the best I can hope for. And if you ask me that's plenty.

If you see me doing it, make a comment, tell me to shut up and go back to what I can play right now.



darrenl said...


So it's your fault everything is delayed. Maybe if I say your name backwards everything will go back to normal...


Bildo said...

Good lord, I didn't think of it that way... mayhaps you're on to something.

I know, I'll just stop thinking period. I do work for the guvmint anyway. Not like I need to... :)

Keen said...

I give you... 2 weeks before you get excited and start talking about a new game coming out. ;)

heather (errantdreams) said...

You work for the guvmint, do ya? Makes me wonder if you're nearby (not that even close to all guvmint workers are in the DC area, but so many are).

Yeah, but you getting all excited over games got me to try the mythos and hellgate betas. And while it caused much "but I shouldn't buy another game!" angst over hgl---which I did eventually resist---I am SO tickled by Mythos. And have already suggested to my husband that a pirates order would mkae a good xmas or birthday present. :)