Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ding, 68!

3 days into my newly founded WoW stint, I've dinged. It felt great.

2 more levels and I can spend the money I've been holding for my mount, that is if training doesn't break my bank 1st. 50+ gold on 3 new stills last night when I hit 68. That shocked me. I forgot how much training scaled in the face of the new booming economy. Money certainly flows like water in the Outlands though. That much is certain. The 600+ gold aside that I got from a guilty gold farmer a month or two back, I've made well over 1000 gold in 8 levels of the Outlands. I'll likely have enough to buy my 60 rogue his epic land mount when I hit 70 too. So for once, it's nice to be swimming in finances.

I've just about finished what's left for my level in Terrokar Forest, some turned gray and barely worth doing in my pursuit of 70, so I think it's time to move on to Shadowmoon Valley and the Netherstorm. Ordinarily, I don't care so much about my level, but I my main goal is to get 70 with one character before I leave to play Pirates for a while, so I need to stay focused.

Although, tonight I might have to take a break from questing for a little while. Brew Fest is going on, Azeroth's version of Oktoberfest, and apparently one of the more involved quests leads you to a Flying Broom mount of some type... that might be worth a look into.

Anyway, just wanted to update you lot on my progress is all. Nothing horribly exciting to talk about today. Rusty of Flying Lab did say last night on the official forums of PotBS that he should be free to announce the release date, the REAL FINAL DATE, very shortly, maybe even today. Here's hoping nothing comes up again with the European distribution so I can finally set a date in my head for my pirating to begin.

The only question left is whether I'll go Spanish or Pirate. Probably one of each.

No worries mates,



Aspendawn said...

Grats on the level!

PotBS has that stress test starting tonight for FilePlanet users so I finally get to have a peek, assuming servers don't crash before I get there.

Bildo said...

When you do, Aspen... forget what you know about typical MMORPGs. PoTBS, from what I know, is anything but. :) I can't say more than that.

Loungo said...

Good Work on the leveling

I too, after a summer away from WOW, I'm experiencing the same renaissance you are, getting to know the game again, but starting the lvl 60 to 70 grind a second time around - taking it slowly this time.

Not just now mind you, time for the POTBS stress test... once the client downloads.