Friday, October 12, 2007

Alterac Valley: How Come No One Told Me?

I'm going to seem like a total dork when I say this to all the WoW vets out there, but I haven't played Alterac Valley since it was 1st put into the game. I hated it then. It was a slow crawl of a PvP game that most people focused on the PvE part of. Now admittedly, these days it's less about fighting each other and more about racing towards a finish line, but good god is it quick and worth the time invested.

In about an hour and a half worth of AV-ing, 3 or 4 matches, I had 1600 honor. I barely killed a horde. I ranked 3rd and 4th each time in the Alliance damage meters and we won all but one of the matches. I can't imagine how the honor would flow on an AV Sponsored Weekend. That goal of getting my GM gear (maybe soon Arena Season 1 gear?) is looking more and more achievable every day. I have 5 grand now, after about 4 days worth of BGs, and I haven't even been trying that hard. Give me a good open Saturday, and I'll get 10k in day. :)

The question is, do I go for the GM crossbow? Or do I try to find a casual Arena team that needs an undergeared hunter and save up for one of the awards there? I think I could be splitting my time up if I do that, but then again Arena matches only take a few minutes, so getting the minimum 10 won't be so hard. Bah, I can't even find people to group with on my server, what makes me think I'll find people to Arena with?

Maybe I'll start recruiting folks for the guild, and also start looking for people to Arena with that mirror my schedule and relaxed habits. That could work, even if it takes some time. In the in-between I'll keep hording up my honor. Rumor has it that when Season 3 hits, the S1 gear will be on sale for honor at 15k a piece. That really isn't too bad... and S1 gear, despite being outdated by then is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade for my wee little hunter.

I recently used the site Gankfest to compared my stats with other hunters... yeah. I am 14th on my server for Mana Regen, and that's the only time I rank. My AP isn't even over 1000 yet as a HUNTER. So I'm quite under-geared. Still, according to the AV damage meters, I'm able to do some pretty decent sustained DPS so I can hardly wait until I get a shiny new xbow in my hands to whomp things with.

And on a final WoW note for today, my friend Brendon recently re-subbed to WoW and is working on finally cracking his Pally to 60, where he'll buy the expansion if he makes it to that point. It's nice to have a RL friend back in the game, since the husband-wife team I mentioned before is MIA because of moving and whatnot lately. Makes the game a bit less lonely. Now, if only I can get him to just push that Pally into Ret-Spec and suck it up to 60 and 70, we'll be set.

Cheers and have a good weekend, peoples!

I'm off to see "Across the Universe" tonight, the new Beatles/60s era love story musical that is getting everything from raves to razzies. I'll probably report on it as soon as I formulate my own opiniones about it. I'm hoping for the best, as I love the director's previous work on Titus (the Shakespeare film with Anthony Hopkins, not the comedian sitcom).


Keen said...

I enjoyed Alterac Valley more than Warsong and Arathi. It was pretty cool even around the time of its birth.

Seems pretty cool if it's down to about 1.5 hours now.

Kanthalos said...

I think Arathi Basin is the most fun if you have a full group who knows what they're doing using voice chat. Even if you lose, it's a lot better than the rest IMO, but AV is pretty fun now.