Friday, October 5, 2007

Pirates Setting Sail on January 22nd

A recent DevLog let's the real deal out of the bag. No more pushbacks, no more confusion, no more mysteries. Pirates of the Burning Sea launches on January 22nd with Pre-Order access beginning on the 7th to allow pre-orders to jumpstart the economy.

On one hand I am extremely glad to know a date to which I can look forward too finally. On the other, I'm bummed that it's 3 months away. You all know why. I'm sort of bored with everything on the market at the moment, finding only a wee bit of excitement with WoW lately. So Pirates was the breath of fresh salty air I was hanging onto for this holiday season.

Oh well... I've waited 2 years since finding out about this game, and I can wait 3 more months. It'll give me more time to play my Wii and Mario Galaxy, Smash Brothers, maybe No More Heroes, et al.

I guess I'm just happy to say that I know when it's coming out now. My only worry is that it'll ship around the same time as Warhammer and I'll be forced to choose, or worse PotBS will suffer because of it. But then, odds are WAR won't be out until closer to March or April.

Now at least I'll have plenty of time to hit level 70 and try my hand at the Arenas, maybe even level a giant smurf.

Cheers you lot.


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