Monday, October 29, 2007

New Power Supply = Smooth and Zelda DS is fantastic.

So Saturday morning I decided to take a trip out to find myself a pwer supply to replace my aging one. I had called the guys at CompUSA and one of their people told me to bring in the tower and we'd try out PSUs until we found one that fit the odd Dell brackets that keep so many people from replacing parts in their Dells.

I get there, lug my tower into the store in the rain... and the douche-bag that was working the tech counter tells me that whoever told me we could find a PSU to replace mine was wrong, that you can't replace the PSU in a Dell. He was full of crap, even told me he didn't know much about PSUs (he didn't even know what I was talking about when I used this acronym), but he was certain that it wouldn't work.

I left the store pissed and went to Best Buy. I knoew Best Buy overcharges for their parts. But I was determined to prove the dork at CompUSA wrong. I made sure I could bring back the PSU if it didn't work, picked up a Dynex 400w ATX model, and was out the door. Once home, in a matter of about 15 minutes I had the thing hooked up, and my PC running like before, but without the lack of power. the Radeon x1650xt doesn't chug, my frame rates stay stable at 60 frames, and my iPod doesn't fudge with my system at all.

Yeah, CompUSA employees are morons in my area. Of that I'm certain. At least this one was. The guy who told me to bring it in was spot on. But the Tech Support guy, the guy whose job it is to fix things and solve tech problems... knows only the smell of his own sphincter with his head so far up his arse.

Now the question is this... do I keep the 75 dollar PSU (overpriced by about 20-30 bucks) or return it and order one off of Newegg for a more modest cost? I could probably even get a 500w one which would keep my PSU up to speed longer for 20 bucks less. But I almost don't want to go to the hassle now that I have one working and everything's peachy-keen. What do you guys think?

Thanks for all the advice over the weekend, really appreciate it. Besides PC fixing, I spent a lot of time playing Zelda on the DS and if anyone has a DS or a kid with one but you do not have this game, smack yourself on the face and run to the store. It's the first Zelda since Ocarina of Time to try something really unique and it's probably a better game than even Twilight Princess because of it. Must have for sure.

Lastly, today or tomorrow Hellgate's online servers should open up in order to give Pre-Order folks a head start, so that I'm looking forward to. This week has a lot of great releases, and me without funds to check em out. Gaming season is upon us, fellow geeks.


brackish said...

Gratz on the PSU and out-thinking that CompUSA loser. I would just keep the unit you got because you know it works and you can use it in the future if you choose to build your own system.

Tipa said...

If you had a good experience with Best Buy, support good stores in your area by giving them your business.

Best Buy treated me well when I had a laptop problem, so I bought some software from them and then a couple of days ago went back there for a new headset. When I find a local store that doesn't suck, I support them.

Re: DS games, haven't tried Zelda; I go for the multiplayer games. My son and I do Mario Kart DS all the time, and last time we were in New Hampshire, my son, sister and niece were all playing Pictochat with each other from two different cars :)

*vlad* said...

"But the Tech Support guy, the guy whose job it is to fix things and solve tech problems... knows only the smell of his own sphincter with his head so far up his arse."

This made me chuckle - not good when I'm supposed to be working.

Sounds like the kind of person who works in PC World here. Any question more complicated than 'where are the computers' seems beyond them.

Syncaine said...

I would keep the PSU in, unless $20 is really going to make or break your bank. You got it in, it works, be happy with that. God knows how often you put something in that SHOULD work and you spend half the afternoon fixing it.

heather (errantdreams) said...


I hear these days many of those companies put sales droids in techie uniforms, so they don't know what they're doing and will just try to sell you new stuff, but most folks will think they're techies and thus believe they know what they're talking about.