Monday, October 8, 2007

I've Done It: Level 70.

Around 1:30pm today, I became one with the level cap once more in WoW.

Here's me in all my glory...

Yes those shoulders are meant for Shamans. But they look sweet so they're mine for now. :)

At 1st I was worried that once I hit 70, I'd be forced to find a PvP guild or a Raiding Guild and start those treadmills again... then I discovered two things.

1.) BG gear is not great but still damned good and very attainable.

2.) Daily Quests, while a reputation grind, are a godsend of money and awesome rewards. Hellloooo, Netherdrake and Nether Ray Mounts!

And the not mentioned but recently dawning number 3.) I have yet to level my Smurf Shaman.

For number Three, I also just stumbled upon a great bit of news at WoWInsider.
It seems leveling that insanely long gap between 30 and 50 is about to get a lot easier in the next month or two. Ye gads... is Blizzard actually making me happy? I'd better not get too cocky about it, and instead revel in my newfound gaming satisfaction.

Oh! I also got my flying mount, thanks to having 1600 gold at 70, AND in a completely unrelated area of discussion I bit the bullet and signed up for Gamefly to see if it's way better than paying 50 bucks for a game I play for a week (I'm betting that it is).

Cheers folks, and have a great Monday.



Kanthalos said...

Grats man! I've been having fun with my noobs, but I'll probably jump back in with my higher levels soon enough. I'm having a great time so far, hopefully it lasts through the month :)

Link said...

The big seven-oh. Grats. :)