Thursday, August 30, 2007

1st Strip with the Tablet!

Normally, I'd post this only at Murphy Comics, but I want some feedback from my blogging pals. I'm totally going to be continuing to experiment this this little beauty, so don't be surprised if the look and the feel of the strips changes from week to week.

So far, I'm absolutely loving the luxuries afforded by this tablet. And yes it's supposed to look different. Now that I have the tablet, I can safely use techniques I was too scared to use before for fear of not being able to erase ink and whatnot.

What do you all think?


Heather (errantdreams) said...

*giggles maniacally*

I love it!

And I look forward to watching your style evolve. That's one of the things I love seeing over time in such web strips.

Link said...

Looking good...

Aaron said...

Nice, but the Trollman has more style (he looks like an evil mastermind to me). Experiment a bit before you settle on a mode for the comic.

Bill & Jo said...

Thanks guys. You'd not believe how much fun this doohickey is.

@Aaron: Yeah, the Trollman is a variation of my "goto" doodle. I've been drawing that profile with different features for years. It makes sense that he'd look more unique.

I'm still working on bringing through the same flavor, without as much of a comic book style to these cartoons. You'll likely see less of me and Jo (my wife) as we move forward, and more goofy characters used as a mode for a punchline.

Aaron said...

If the Trollman is your goto guy, then why not try to make him a regular figure in your strip? He doesn't have to be in every one, but he could be like the nerdy-looking scientist was to Gary Larson. Trying to imagine how the Trollman would respond to various situations could help inspire some funny stuff, I'd think.