Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Wacom Tablet Has Arrived!

I'm not grand artist, but I love doodling, and here for your viewing is my 1st ever Wacom sketch. I call him... "Trollman". He's a beauty, I'd say... mainly because as I sketched him and fussed around with the tablet's abilities, I saw just how much control over detail this thing gives me. This weekend hopefully, will be the 1st Don't Panik strip inked on the tablet.

I love this thing. Oh! And reports on the awesomeness that is Metroid Prime 3 will come tomorrow from work. Click the image to get a better look at this guy.


Cuppycake said...

Wow!!! You are fabulous!!!! I had a tablet and I couldn't do anything on it. Ugh.

Great job, you are definitely good! =)

Heather (errantdreams) said...

looking forward to seeing your first comic strip done with this!

Bildo said...

Thanks, guys!

It's pretty amazing what the combination of PS and the tablet can accomplish for drawing purposes. The hard part is training your hand to work in tandem with the tablet. It's not like a piece of paper that you can flip in any direction you need to.

Luckily, I can rotate the canvas on the monitor for that. :)

But I can zoom in, change the size of my brush, the shape of it, everything. It's fantastic. I can even do charcoal like drawing, and smudging thanks to the tools.

I love it!