Friday, August 10, 2007

Saw this Coming: Conan Delayed


Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has been delayed until march 25, 2008. Really, in the MMO genre, this isn't a shocker. Especially after E3 previews were less than ecstatic this year. Not bad, just probably not what Funcom wanted to hear. Or maybe the beta tests are revealing a lot of problems with the server architecture. Or maybe, they just wanted that extra time to polish the game, as is probably the wisest idea. Or maybe it's all about the 360 version and making sure the two coincide. I can't read the link and find out the press-speak Funcom is using, so if one of my readers would enlighten me, that'd be great. I'm stuck at work and it's filtering Funcom's site out.

Anyway, I'm just actually kind of glad it's delayed. This fall already there are at least 3 online games I'm dying for, Conan was the 4th: PotBS, Gods & Heroes, and Hellgate (though the last is offline as well). On top of those, there are a handful of must haves coming out (finally) for the Wii, like Super Smash Brothers: Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy, even MySims.

So Conan getting pushed back to the end of Q1 next year is a little aggravating, but more so it's relieving. Now my only worry about Conan's appeal to me is how it will ultimately stack up against a certain other MMO coming out in Q1 2008... Warhammer.

But who cares, that's next year. Give me my pirates already.


Kanthalos said...

This is what it boils down to. "We still see that we need to polish some aspects of the game even further, especially when it comes to the entry barriers.” There's that word again...

Bildo said...

Entry barriers? It must be a bit hard to get into for your average Joe. I never got that impression from the explanations available on the net. Maybe it's the combat system? Still not working out as much as they'd hoped?

Here's to hoping it all works out for them. I've always liked Funcom. They're not afraid to try something different.

Pixie Styx said...

well that just leaves potbs for me then ... not that that is a bad thing.