Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm A Necromancer... no wait, a Warlock! No wait...

The same thing that always plagues me when I'm subbed to Everquest 2 is at it again. I can't decide on a class to stick with and play exclusively. Maybe that's just it. Maybe I don't have to. Maybe, as seems so apparent by the constant load of low level players in Darklight Woods, people love alting in EQ2 and the game is trying to tell me to emrace it as well?

Could this be?

Bah, regardless of this conundrum. I had fun last night for a couple of hours' break from homework playing my Warlock and my Necromancer. The Necro's 13 and the meatshield that is his spider is really helpful for keep me alive. Meanwhile the Warlock is super squishy, but deals such potent damage that I'm sure he'll have no real problems soloing either, unless I charge into a fray of mobs of course.

I'm liking it. I liked it last time I subbed. I liked it the time before that. But maybe this time I'll actually buy a second consecutive month. That is, of course, unless I'm a Pirate by the time month two comes along. Then we may have a problem.

Oh, and a shout-out (hahah, I'm so hip) to my new guild, Golden Spoon, I just met them last night, but thus far they're very friendly, helpful, and chatty. I like it!

More from Neriak as the days go on.

Oh, and one last thing: I turned moderation on for my comments, thanks to a few spam posts. So if you don't see a post immediately, fret not. I'll get to approving it when I can next log in and check.

Oh, and one more last thing... what does everyone think of Smedley's new game announcement coming tomorrow from SOE, and of the next WoW expansion rumors? Me? I'm betting we'll be disappointed on both fronts, but I hope I'm wrong.

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Pixey Styx said...

Ok do I have to download EQ2 and come knock some sense in you when Potbs comes out next week ... oh wait that was a dream he he

Anyway think I might take a plunge and load up eq 2 and have ago ...

As for wow expansion ... meh has no nearing in my life what so ever however I'm sure many people are champing at the bit and hanging on ever little word they can when it comes to wow and a new expansion ...

As for Soe's new game, hmmm no clue but get the feeling it wont be a mmorpg, probably online ccg