Thursday, August 9, 2007

MySQL and PHP Databases...

Anyone know anything about them and want to give me a tutorial on how to integrate one into Dreamweaver so I can have a database for Don't Panik? Because, while I'm learning plenty about Dreamweaver and CSS as the time flies by, databases are just a bit out of my league. Drop me a comment if you've any leads on how I can get started.

Muchas gracias, peoples. Regular post to come later, probably. Not sure what to write on just yet.


Keen said...

Cry like a baby and curl up into the fetal position. That's what I do. I only made an attempt at this once a few years back and I could never figure it out. Your best bet would be to google a tutorial.

Tipa said...

Integrating PHP into web pages is incredibly easy, it pretty much writes itself.

First, though, you have to learn PHP, which is basically a web-enabled version of Perl.

So the first step, is to learn Perl. Once you've done that, the rest of it will fall together very quickly. Without Perl knowledge, though, you'll struggle.

If you want my *honest* advice... use a content management system like Jango or Drupal, use Dreamweaver to help make a theme for it, and use the tools they provide to access the database. You'll still have to learn Peal and PHP, but a LOT LESS of it, and it's likely you can just borrow someone else's code.

Bildo said...

Huzzah! I knew Tipa'd come through! (I actually didn't, but I like to pretend I'm clarvoiyant.)

I'll start soaking up those leads this weekend, Tipa. Thank you VERY much, indeed!

trinity said...

I've been using PHP and MySQL for several years now and I don't know Perl so I don't know if learning that is really necessary. I guess my advantage is that I have relational DB (SQL and DB2) work experience so the MySQL part of it was a no-brainer. But I learned all I needed to know online by myself. Here are the most useful ones I found:

Let me know how you do with those and good luck! :)

Bildo said...

Thanks, Trin!

I'll be checking those out as well. Chances are, if I can get it set up right over the next few weeks/months, I'll be moving the whole blog over there to Don't Panik.

I'll keep you lot posted on my progress. And bet yer arses that if I need help, I'll be coming to you guys. :P

David said...

I wouldn't worry too much about perl - php isn't really much like it IMO. DBs are tough, tho. There's not a lot of simple you can do to get there (I say this as a DBA, btw). But MySQL is pretty friendly as these things go (and MSSQL is really friendly, tho I don't know how much good it will do you if you don't host on windows). I'm not a dreamweaver person (I fear it) so the integration there is beyond me.

Ryan said...

Yea, I don't really know why you'd want to learn pearl as a means to learning PHP. You'd be better off learning Java, the syntax is closer to that now than to Perl.

If you have a vague idea of where you are and need something more specific, you might want to try

They're huge, and they've always been a huge help to me.

Bildo said...

Excellent stuff guys! I've checked em out, but not dug too much into them yet. Busy with work and school lately. Keep the advice coming!