Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Selling Beta Keys: Addendum

I made a post about the selling of beta keys over on the VN boards last night, the Warhammer section, because I know Richard Duffek (community coordinator for WAR) hangs out there from time to time.

Sure enough my post elicited a couple of responses. I can't link the thread right now, because I'm at work and can't get to the VN boards, but the responses in a nutshell where this...
"We know about, and we're all over it. Selling the keys and buing them is against the NDA, and we ban those keys that we can have enough evidence on and we also are wary of when an account with a key starts suddenly appearing on a different IP adress everyday, or when the IP address changes too frequently to be someone going from place to place. We investigate situations like these and we deal with them as swiftly as possible."
Basically, something like that. So it appears my own "tattling" was in vain, because they're likely already all over the people I've reported. But I'm not going to stop looking for more jerks to rain on. Of course my post has a few lovely people calling me a brown-noser, but what kind of gaming forum would it be without a few flamers.

Truth is, I've been in nearly a dozen betas since I began getting really passionate about MMOs. I love the testing process. I often enjoy the beta of a game more than I enjoy the release version, because the process and fun of being part of the development process is that much more engaging.

There are games I've beta tested, hated, but kept testing just to do my part. So it bugs the ever-loving crap out of me when I see people abusing the privilege of beta testing for their own profit. It fries my egg. It jubilees my cherry. It percolates my coffee.

I also know what it's like to not get selected to be part of something you so desperately desire to be a part of. I auditioned for Family Matters several times, but kept getting turned away because I was "too black" (I kid, I kid). My point is, there are some really enthusiastic people out there who would love to be a part of making Warhammer, or any game for that matter that's in beta, and yet they sit on the sidelines waiting for an invite while these dorks get in.

I know there are more important things to worry about. I have a full enough plate as it is myself in real life. But I'm passionate about games the same way I'm passionate about any art form. I hate to see this crap, and so I'm going to try to do something about it.

Cheers, folks.


Heather said...

"It fries my egg. It jubilees my cherry. It percolates my coffee."

Lines like this, my friend, just make my day when I come across them!

Severius said...

I have to agree with most everything you have had to say on this subject. Personally I have been beta testing for well over a decade now. Games I have loved, games I have hated. I am glad to see that hte folks over at mythic, errrr EAMythic, are all over shutting down the sale of their keys. I just can't help but think that the devs of all these games should keep some sort of a database that they can share with other developers. Much like any "employer" when they ask for what games you have tested they should be able to verify that the applicant has the experience that they say they have. Anything to help reduce the amount of "play for free" people and increase the number of testers that can help them get the game done.

Quin said...

"I can't link the thread right now, because I'm at work and can't get to the VN boards"

Can't post from your cop car eh? Metal roof blocking your signalz?

Anonymous said...

Not that I advocate the selling and/or trading or the beta keys...but could you be any more immature? You're like a 10 year-old tattling about what some kid did when the teacher wasn't looking.

Bill said...

Yes, Anonymous, I could be. For instance, I could make an anonymous post on someone's blog calling them immature for stating their opinion on a subject. That would make me more immature, certainly. But no, I won't do that.

Cheers. :)