Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Once More Into Neriak

I've decided it's time I took at least a couple of weeks' break from LotRO. I found myself getting too frustrated by the higher levels' focus on fellowship content (I can't help that I prefer to solo-quest most nights), and before I absolutely started to hate the game I decided it was time to step away and take a breather. Book 10's Update is due out this month, with a bunch of cool new additions including Turbine's take on the Reputation Grind. Hopefully the repeatable quests for rep and rewards will help me slog through the high 30s and into the level cap. Until then, I'm off to Neriak once more.

I had to redownload EQ2 last night, as it's much faster than installing from my old 10-disc set. Then came patching up to the most current client... 3 hours later it was done. And I was off to bed.

So reports from my 1st night back will come tomorrow or the day after. I feel like now that I'm truly ready for a break from LotRO I should end up enjoying EQ2 more. We shall see. I've yet to decide if I'll forge onward with a Warlock, a Necromancer, or a more "Me" type class like a Berserker, Assassin, or a Brigand. Melee's up my alley, but it might be nice to try a caster for real.

Basically, I'm trying to find something to keep me from playing the betas too much. They're REALLY good. I can't wait to shout to the interweb just how fun I find them. They remind me when I 1st started beta testing LotRO, just how addictive the gameplay is for both titles. I hope they end up as polished as LotRO was at launch, because if they do they'll likely have successes on their hands.

I just don't want to spend too much time leveling up my characters in them because it's beta. They'll just be deleted anyway. I purposefully made characters I think I won't play in release, and try to focus on bug-reporting and system testing... but dammit, they're too good.

So wish me luck in Neriak tonight. Cross your fingers for me that it sticks, at least for a few weeks.


Kanthalos said...

Glad to see you're giving it another shot. Looks like you're on a different server though, oh well :) You might try a shadow knight, a mix between a caster and melee, my bro is playing one and they look pretty fun.

Bildo said...

I'm going with a Warlock or Necro right now. Sort of narrowed it down to those two.

They both solo well enough, Necro is steadier less death-prone thanks to pets, but the Warlock kills incredibly fast.

I'll keep playing each until one stands out as the winner.


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