Monday, August 20, 2007

Book 10 Is UP

The servers for LotRO are back up, and the patch is ready to be played.

It looks like tonight and the next few days will determine if I stay in Middle-earth or head back to WoW until Pirates hits the shelves.

I'm not really sure which I'm rooting for. WoW still has 4 solid levels left for me, that at my pace could take awhile, followed by some PvP to get some of the Honor Rewards I was never able to before.

But LotRO has my heart. I love that world. The solo-ability of the game just went so far down hill that I lost the will to log on. I hope the new Public Dungeons and Reputation system are enough to get me to 50 where I can dig into Monster Play. Because that's all I really want to do...

Wish me luck.


Link said...

Question for you Bildo. I haven't played Lord of the Rings Online yet, but plan to start this fall. I hear you and others complain about hitting a content wall. How many months of fun should I expect to see? I'm a 2/3 solo and 1/3 group kind of player. Thanks!

Heather said...

link--- From everything I've heard, I think it's around level 40 out of 50 that you hit that wall; my highest toon is at 33 so I don't know for sure. When Bildo answers I'm sure you'll get a better idea. Since they've been putting out pretty in-depth content patches with new areas every few months, though, it's possible that by the time you hit that point it'll be a lot better. That's one thing I love about lotro---they really do seem to be improving the game by leaps and bounds in regular intervals.