Monday, August 6, 2007

I... like... crafting?

What the hell?!

I've never liked crafting. Never. To me it's never been as fun as going out and slaying monsters, questing, and in general being an adventuring type. On top of that, crafting always seemed pointless when compared to the items you can get simply by questing and exploring. But not in EQ2... not at all.

I realize I'm late to the party. I realize that many of my fellow bloggers have known about the steadily increasing goodness that is EQ2 for months or years now. So I ask them to forgive me. Forgive my addiction to lesser fantasy MMOs. Forgive me for not seeing the light. EQ2 is king among the Fantasy MMOs available right now. This much, I know decree as fact. All it took was to finally be ready to really play it and to see that they've managed to make the one thing most MMOs can't convince me is fun... just that.

I'm not sure I'm in for the long haul or not though. Despite how much fun I'm having with it, I'm very eagerly awaiting the release of Pirates of the Burning Sea this fall and Warhammer Online early in 2008. So, for my attention, EQ2 has some stiff competition. But one thing's for certain now. If the afforementioned games coming out this fall and winter end up sucking, it's not WoW I'll be going back to, or even LotRO. I've been bitten by the Norrathian bug. It'll be there I retreat to if all else fails.

I only wish I would have found out how fun the game's become over its 2+ years a little sooner.


Keen said...

I agree that EQ2 is definitely something special. Right now it does what many games can not; it gives the whole experience.

As for me I played EQ2 at release when it was horrible. I came back a year later and it was fun. I came back a year after that and it was awesome. But I was faced with the decision of committing myself to EQ2 or PotBS/WAR and when it comes down to the choice I must go with the latter.

Grats on finding something you really like though! Feels good doesn't it?

Adele said...

Everquest 2 is very much the best MMO currently on the market atm!

Pixie Styx said...

wouldnt go as far as saying eq 2 is the best game out there, however will agree its probably the most compleate experience you will get, systems wise... currently

However I'm off an running in Eq 2 to see what all the fuss is about.

Enjoying it so far, however dosnt seem anything different from anything else I have played ... maybe I need to try the grouping side of things as opposed to solo. As this is usually the make and break point of a game for me ...

Bildo said...

Among the fantasy MMOs out there available right now, I'd defend the fact that it's the best available. That may change when Warhammer hits. But who knows. Right know, it's certainly the most content complete and fulfilling experience one can have in a high fantasy setting.

I really don't like the art style of the characters, but thank God for the SOGA alternate models. They're much better.

The crafting is still gather mats and click make, but there's actually a need to pay attention to the process, in order to make the best item possible, and for once the items are actually useful.

Grouping, so far is a riot. My friend and I did some quests in the Wailing Caves this weekend, he mentored down from 22 to help me, but now I'm catching up so there's no need to mentor any more.

Is it the best playing game? Probably not. In terms of gameplay polish, WoW is still ahead of the pack. But in terms of diversity, content, and general fun... I'd say EQ2 is king. If it had really good PvP aspects, I'd say I'd be in for the long haul. But the lure of real war in WAR is too great, I think.

There's no shortage of people to play with though, at least not on Antonia Bayle. It's crowded most nights of the week, with players all over Darklight Woods and Commonlands... areas that would be completely empty in their equivalents in Azeroth.

I'm really having a good time so far, and it's keeping me from playing too much of the betas, which was the main goal. But who knew I'd really get into it?

If Gods and Heroes gets tied into the station pass, I might be investing in it. To have access to EQ2, PotBS, and GnH all for 30 bucks is a very tempting offer.

Heather said...

I'm a crafting fiend! :D

Aspendawn said...

You know, my husband has never liked crafting either. But when we played EQ2 I had mentioned reading that alchemists made a lot of money (that's enough to stir him up lol) and he gave it a go. And yeah he did make more money at it than he ever did out in the field so he stuck with it. Was the only game he crafted in.

While to some EQ2 may seem like standard fare, they do offer a lot of neat little things that just enhance the experience. I always liked the collection quests, as it was something to do when taking a break from the kill. And of course, there's housing. So few games offer it but it's always a plus to me.

Lishian said...

Try an even more interesting level of EQ2 play. Try it out on the Nagafen server! It is one of the PVP servers.

Tipa said...

Just don't roll a Freep on Nagafen, or Lish will kill ya.

Welcome to the fold, Brother Bildo.