Thursday, August 23, 2007

Okay... WTF?

The Cow Says... "Moo-Moo"?

Gotta love what this friggin' world considers news worthy.


Adele said...

Awww that poor animal:(

brackishwater said...

I would much rather hear how this came about then listen to more drivel about any of the socialites in CA. I swear, sometimes I am so glad that my first child is a boy.

Bildo said...

I have to agree, with both of you.

Poor animal, hope it gets loving because of its deformity, instead of being sent to the slaughter at 6 months old.

And Brackish, you're absolutely right. I'd rather read/hear/learn about this than how Nicole Richie might be pregnant.

(Why the fuck is she famous again? Because her dad wrote Dancing on the Ceiling? Great jumping Jeebus...)

Stormgaard said...

Growth Hormones FTW!!