Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pirates of the Burning Sea - 10,000 Beta Invites Done

Misha of the PotBS community has this tidbit to share yesterday...

"Somewhere I think I promised that I would announce when the last of the 10k invites went out. I sent them out last night. We're not done inviting people by any means but that goal we had of getting 10,000 invites out, we have achieved. FYI."

Thanks again to the PirateSpyglass.

So the major ramp up of the closed beta is complete, a release date should be coming soon... and that means Open Beta can't be far around the corner. Can this game actually be getting close to release?

God, I hope so. I want the NDA to drop so we can talk about it and read about it more from the mouths of all the testers.


Pixie Styx said...

bugger i guess they missed me he he

Heather (errantdreams) said...

Man, I just never have the good beta luck!

Bill said...

Worry not, Heather. Misha also said more to come. Just keep your fingers crossed. Worst comes to worst, you'll get in for the open beta to stress the servers and try the game out before launch.