Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mario Strikers Charged and Metroid Prime 3

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I forgot to tell you lot that my wife and I's 1st wedding anniversary was this past weekend, and so we took Monday off from work and I touched my PC only once or twice to check my e-mail and whatnot.

Anyway, for my gift the missus bought me Mario Strikers Charged on Thursday and I'm picking up Metroid Prime 3 tonight after work (I love my wife!). Mario Strikers, more than any game I've had on the Wii so far, is thoroughly engrossing. I'm talking addiction nigh on carpel tunnel inducing.

I played it for 2 hours last night before bed, lost 4 out of 12 games, and checked my fair share of cartoon athletes... and I'm sitting here now at work thinking I need to go home and take on Diddy Kong again for that damn Crystal Cup. It's that fun. I haven't even tried the online play yet. It's just a great pick up and get your manic soccer on game. It's by no means a simulation. It's way over the top. There are giant Mario's, farting Warios, Hammer Bros., glowing balls, multi-shots, spike-shells to take out your opponents with... it's totally hopped up on that undeniable charm I like to call: "Nintendo Crack". Go check it out, if you have a Wii.

Prime is tonight, as it just shipped yesterday. Reviews are along the top of the chain so far, with the always Nintendo hateful Gamespot coming in at the "low" end with an 8.5. Then again, maybe it's me who's biased. I friggin' love Nintendo like a good fanboy should, and they rarely do wrong (except that whole N64 and Virtual Boy thing). I've always liked the Metroid Prime series. But number 1 was insanely difficult in latter stages, hence I never completed it out of frustration. Two I never really played as I got knee deep into MMOs and it sort of passed by on my radar. But 3 by all accounts is supposed to be the proof that FPS controls will work on the Wii, and apparently the difficulty has been toned down enough that I shouldn't end up in psychiatric rehab after pounding my head against one of the bosses a dozen or more times.

On the comic strip side of things, my Wacom Tablet has been ordered and it's well on its way to my house right now, should be here today. In all, it's like Christmas at the Murphy residence. If only Pirates would set a release date and Warhammer would let me into its beta, I'd be a fulfilled gamer. :)

My friend code for Mario Strikers will come later, for those who are interested in whooping my ass over the net.


Keen said...

Mario Strikers Charged is awesome! :)

What team do you use?

Bildo said...

I was using Luigi as Cap'n, and Moleman, Koopa and Shyguy as my sidekicks.

But after getting trounced in the crystal cup a few too many times, I decided it was time to add a little speed to the team.

Started a new cup with Hammer Bros as the defense (slow but great at D), DryBones and Toad as my wings. They rule.

But I'm still worried about defeating Diddy Kong in the crystal cup. Those lasers that take out half my team severely gimp me.

Syncaine said...

Online play is a blast if you can avoid the lag. I would say I get 2-3 lag free games before having one thats a bit jumpy.

As expected in online play, you see some VERY interesting tactics used, stuff you would never thing to do in single player. Watch out for Toad jumping over the goalie to run the ball into the net...

keen said...

I go with Baby Bowser as my cap'n (great shooter), Hammer Bros (Great shooter/passer), Birdo (power shooter), and Bones (fast/defense).

They do me proud.