Monday, September 3, 2007

Still Priming...

It sucks for my readers (all 10 of you), but I'm playing way too much Metroid Prime this long holiday weekend to keep up with what's going on in the World of MMOs. It's a nice break from all my inbox spamming to see if I got any beta invites, or if the betas I am in are having any events soon.

Auto Assault closed its doors for good on the 31st. The Agency, SOE's spy-fare MMO, will be free to play with optional fees for special goods. Pirates of the Burning Sea put out a new DevLog "24x7", classifying the state of the game as what I like to call... "Close, but not quite Gold". Apparently on Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th we should get some real concrete info on the release and other things. Let's see, what else... Guild Wars Eye of the North goes live today. Good for them, but I still can't get into the series... makes me a sad panda. I'm sure there's even more news than that, but you can likely get it somewhere better... like Brent's site.

Mainly, I use this site to ramble on about the games I'm playing, or the things I see in the news, and since Metroid Prime 3 needs to be played, not chatted about, as well as the fact that I've been AFK most of the weekend due to Wii-itis and a wedding to attend, I've got not a whole hell of a lot to talk about.

Oh there is one thing, Paul Barnett, Creative Director of Warhammer Online took a wee bit of time to drop a comment on my 5 upcoming MMOs post from back in July. It's always nice to see that the staff of these games are out there searching the web for talk on blogs. Theresa Pudenz of Flying Lab stopped by when I was 1st all hot and bothered about PotBS, and now Paul has managed to creep on in and leave a comment to mark his territory.

Just thought I'd let that out there as a reminder to all bloggers that the people behind our favorite pastimes do pay attention, at least some of them do. Paul, next time you stop by mate, bring me something to put in that promotional code doohickey at the beta-center, orright? I won't tell, promise. :)

Well, 2 more weeks or so until Pirate Day... maybe then I'll have a reason to ramble about an MMO.



Julian said...

"Close, but not quite Gold"

Well, of course that always depends on our definitions of "Close". ;)

And I've been pleasantly surprised by Eye of the North so far. Thumbs up from me.

heather (errantdreams) said...

believe it or not, I finally got sucked into Eve Online this weekend. I'd been so sure I wouldn't like it, but then, no one told me about all the nifty little mining/economy/business/etc. parts of the game!

pixie styx said...

be sure to drop my name in the WAR beta request as well Bildo ... he he

Must admit it is always nice to know that devs do read our blogs, it makes it all worth it