Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Warhammer and the Tome of Knowledge

Stuck like I am at work with no decent way of avoiding my responsibilities aside from the blogs of my peers, I just caught wind of Keen's recap of Cameron Sorden's TenTonHammer piece on Warhammer's Tome of Knowledge. How's that for a run-on?

Anyway, what the Tome sounds like is a bit of an even more fleshed out Deed Log (formerly LoreBook) from LotRO. By more fleshed out, I don't mean that LotRO's is bad, just that WAR's seems like it's going to be keeping track of even more statistics.

Little tidbits from the interview include things like a title or a reward for dying "hundreds of times before level 10" or "standing in place for a very long time". Basically, the lady behind the Tome's development explained that it's just another place for the more comedic side of the Warhammer Universe to shine through, as well as a serious tracking system for anything and everything your character's accomplished. I do believe you'll even be able to show your friends your Tome in-game, for bragging and whatnot.

The Deed Log is one of my favorite aspects of LotRO. Like CoH's badges, it added just one more layer of style to the game, and it seems like EAMythic's going to be trying to one up them both. In order to do so, in my opinion, they need only make sure their kill-accomplishments aren't too outlandish.

/em shudders at the memory of 400+ kills for deeds in LotRO.

Of course, from what I can gather the Tome won't be so necessary for skill and personalization like the Deed Log is, so even if the number of kills for a reward are high, it shouldn't make someone without the drive feel so bad about not striving to whack 1,000 Glorgborgs.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. Just stop by Keen's site or even TTH to read the whole thing, eh?


Cameron Sorden said...

Two things I should mention:

1) Those achievements for standing in place or dying a bunch pre-10 aren't real achievements that are in the game, necessarily. Carrie stressed that those were just examples meant to illustrate the type of achievements we might be able to expect on the sillier side of things.

2) Since there will be 10 tiers of killing for the common monsters, I wouldn't expect the same kind of thing where you'll have to whack 400 foozles for a skill. Rather, I think they're trying to use it as a progression bonus-- you can't even see the reward for killing 400 foozles until after you've done it, and there are nine foozle killing achievements to get you there.

Bildo said...

Hey Cameron,

1.) Fair enough. But I'll be mighty happy if something even remotely silly is implemented.

2.) That's sort of what I'm hoping. One of the problems in my eyes with LotRO's system is that you could actually see just how many you needed... and when that number was one big chunk of 400 (I know they're smaller now), it was daunting, considering how long it took just to do 120 or whatever.

Good to know. Keep up the great work, man.

KevinC said...

Keen is like a ninja with Warhammer news - it's hard to beat him to the punch hehe.

The fact that you won't have that big number staring you in the face will be refreshing. Instead of feeling like you have to go grind something out, you can just naturally play the game and be genuinely excited and surprised when new things are unlocked and revealed in the Tome.

Bildo said...

That's how it initially feels in LotRO. But as you hit your 20s and on, you start to go...

"Oh great a new achievement unlocked - oh surprise! Only 400 more boars! It's not like I've killed 1,000 plus already or anything."

I just hope the Tome doesn't give a similar feeling to me. I don't mean to be picking on LotRO, I still log in on my in law's account every now and again, but I've got my issues with it, I suppose.

brackish said...

arghhhh Foozles!

The torture of not knowing what is to come will make it difficult to hold back and prevent myself from searching for the ToKbot site. I will hold on though...

Bildo said...

Indeed, Brackish.

I'm also going to have a hard time not searching out the Treasure Quests online (the obscure simple quests for massive rewards).

I want it all to be like opening a toy for the 1st time. Hence my mixed feelings towards beta-testing. Part of me desperately wants in on the building of this game, and the gamer part of me wants to just sit tight and wait.