Thursday, September 13, 2007

EVE Online or Ultima Online

Heather over at Errant Dreams recently picked up EVE Online in a fit of boredom along with her hubby. I tried the game once, but never got too far with it because I was still clinging to the avatar-filled world of Azeroth.

I'm thinking, while I wait for some of this season's biggest games to come out, it's time I gave EVE one more try. Apparently the tutorial's been overhauled a bit, and as it would seem I've come to the point in my MMO career where I'm ready for something more than YAFMMORPG. Pirates of the Burning Sea is still the candidate to take me away from all loved ones this fall, but it's who knows how long from being released, and Hellgate: London is not due out until October 31st... so that leaves me sort of looking for something that's not beta to play now and again.

EVE Online, here I come. I'll download the free trial tonight, probably.

Anyone got any words of wisdom or good newbie resource sites for me?

EDIT: Also on the table? Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. I know it's old, I know new graphics won't make it look great. But I loved the Black Gate so much that I have to give this a try now. I was not into MMOs when it was in its limelight, so it's time I go give it a try. The connecting factore between this and EVE? Both open worlds with a real choice given to the player. Time to take a look at the other systems out there that don't get all the press like 800 lb gorillas or virtual porn simulators.

Hopefully I'll get some time in with one of the two tonight and let you know my 1st impressions tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Eve is a long term game, if you like Sci-Fi then Eve is for you, the first few weeks are slow, but set yourself up as a pirate or thief and watch the sparks fly.

Tom said...

If you are going to try out Ultima Online shoot me an email at . I still play the game and I can hook you up with all the info you may need to start playing the game.

Syncaine said...

I'll second the first comment, EVE is not that great short term. Since skills train in real time, you will spend the first few months just getting to the point of being useful, and even then you will still need far more training to become even average at anything. EVE is also very solo-unfriendly, in that its just not fun to mine/mission alone. Joining a Corp and working on a long term goal is what really drives the game, and that takes time.

As for UO, I played when it launched for a while, and then tried it again close to a year ago. It has not aged well in terms of gameplay, although the community is top notch. I'll be interested to see your reaction to it.

Cameron Sorden said...

Yeah, I tried Kingdom Reborn a while back and I just couldn't do it. While the graphics do look better, the perspective is a little weird and the game mechanics feel ancient. Still, it's UO as you remember it (actually improved quite a bit too).

potshot said...

Go read the Ancient Gaming Noob's recent series walking through the new tutorial. Good stuff and good links to stuff.

You might spend some time surfing character creation recommendations in Eve. The starting basket of skills varies by race, etc. so being able to get to a point where certain upgrades are available more quickly can take the edge of some of the longer training times.

In Eve you can learn anything, but it just takes time, so being close to being able to pilot cruisers for example, can make mission running and mining in lower sec space more enjoyable IMHO.

Link said...

EVE looks good. Wilhelm and Potshot have been posting some good stuff lately about that sci-fi MMO.

I've been messing around in Ryzom lately. Different. Interesting.

How did you do in MP3?

heather (errantdreams) said...

I'm definitely still having fun in eve. for the moment I'm partially raising faction through missions, partially building up my skills, and partially making ISK hand-over-fist through salvaging. it'll be fun to build up to more complex stuff as I go.

Anonymous said...

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