Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tabula Rasa NDA Lifts Tomorrow

I've been in on this beta for ages and not been able to talk about it (I am allowed to say I'm in it though). I'll try to have my thoughts on the title up early tomorrow.

Also, according to the release date is set as October 19th for sure now, too... thoughts to come on that notion to come as well tomorrow.

As for other games and their NDAs... still no lifting. :( So much to chat about, no right to say anything.


brackish said...

Awesome Bildo,
Will be great to hear what you have to say about this game as I am eager to try any game that can satiate my FPS and MMORPG fix at the same time.

Cameron Sorden said...

I've been in beta for a few weeks too but I've had hardly any time to play. :(

Damn. I'm gonna have to scurry if I want to sink some time in before I have to make a pre-order decision.

Bildo said...

No sweat, Cam.

I'm pretty sure it goes 24x7 access tomorrow and until release. So you'll be able to squeeze some time in here and there.

Me? I'm passing, mainly because there's 2 more games coming in October I'm getting and my wallet needs to last through the holidays. Might end up getting it one day later in between games or something, but not at launch.

Reasons why to come with impressions.

KevinC said...

I'm in the same boat as Cameron. Been in the beta a couple of weeks, but I've hardly had any time to play. I'll be interested to see your write up.