Monday, September 17, 2007

Meet Orialas

Meet Orialas, my new Wood Elf Conjuror. Managed in just over 2 hours time to hit level 11 tonight... holy crap that was quick. :) Well on my way to my 1st Achievement point, and absolutely loving Faydark. Talk about vastly improved quest design and flow as compared to original EQ2. Now it's no wonder Darklight Woods were so great compared to Antonica and the Commonlands.

The real test will be if I get disheartened at 20-ish when I break into Butcherblock Mountains. If it has nearly the kind of questing polish Faydark does, I don't think I will be. Hooray for Echoes of Faydwer! It might actually help me survive my MMO addiction until PotBS hits!

I'm on Antonia Bayle if anyone wants to let a career newbie in their guild. :)

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adele said...

Very good expansion!