Thursday, September 27, 2007

Away From It All

This is going to get a little deep, so bear with me.

Sometimes, and I think this is obvious to be stating but I'll state it anyway, sometimes we forget what we are. Sometimes we get caught up in what we own, what we're told we want, what life we're shown we should have. We buy our houses, we buy our cars, we have our kids, we grow old, we worry about healthcare, and then we die... a life not entirely wasted, but not entirely lived.

So many people in this world, in our country and in some tiny unmarked village thousands of miles away, spend their entire life's energy doing nothing but what they think they're "supposed" to do. So many people fritter away the hours doing something they loathe. I'm not saying it's easy to abandon a job you hate, when it's what gives you and yours the ability to survive in a world driven by green paper. I'm just saying that above it all, I hope each of us strives to remind ourselves that all of it is for naught in the face of what truly matters... that which makes us happy.

Consider this little ramble then a reminder to all the lost out there, that the wanderlust is not a bad thing. Remember that it's not what you own, it's not what you see, it's not even what you say... it's what you do and what you know that define you. Consider this a reminder to be happy. In whatever way you can.


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Ah yes, we should all free the Kender within.

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