Monday, September 24, 2007

Nothing Much Going On In the Noggin

I just don't have much to chat about today. I had a crazy busy weekend between hanging with some friends and going to an upstate apple orchard, and there was barely any time to play EQ2.

I did hit level 18, and I'm starting to run out of quests in the Greater Faydark, so I'll know soon enough if the awesomeness of Faydwer continues into Butcherblock Mountains.

Besides that, I've been playing a lot of Hellgate: London, and yet I can't talk about it yet. I've also been daydreaming of what my Pirate will look like in Pirates of the Burning Sea or if I'll end up going Spanish with some friends. I just cannot decide on that one.

So there's my ramble for the day. Nothing interesting. Move along. Nothing to see here. Hope to have something of girth to chat about tomorrow.


heather (errantdreams) said...


(I'm craving apples with peanut butter right now, but can't have them because I had several apples a couple of weeks ago and it was enough to get sensitized to them. sigh.)

Keen said...

Man join the club of having absolutely nothing to say. I've been dying trying to think up anything to talk about this weekend. Halo 3 comes out tonight at midnight though and that should resurrect the chatter. You going to pick that up?