Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hellgate: London... Pre-Order = Beta

Just one last tidbit for my fellow bloggers before I get to doing some serious work. It seems that anyone who orders Hellgate:London from Gamestop or EBgames, either online or in-store will get access to the beta come September 17th.

If you're wanting to get a look at the game before its Halloween release, head to your local shop and drop 5 dollars and pester them for a pre-order box when they get them in.

Conversely, if you're certain you're going to buy the game you can drop the $50 online and have the beta access code e-mailed to you before the beta access begins on the 17th. Apparently the supplies are limited for the online stores, so get em while they're hot.

Here's hoping it's as fun and frenetic as it looks. I'm dying for a new PC game to tide me over until Pirates.

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