Monday, October 19, 2009

Torchlight Pre-Order on Steam

Thanks to a very helpful reader, I found out that one can pre-order Runic Games' Torchlight on Steam for $17.99.  And thus, it was done.  I've not played the little indie game myself, but going by my experiences with both FATE and Mythos, I'm expecting quite a bit of fun for my less-than-twenty-bucks.  There's going to be an extensive modding toolset released with the game as well, which should help the game remain playable quite a bit until the MMO version comes out eighteen months or so down the road (according to the developers). 

I'm a sucker for a good Roguelike, but they must have randomly generated dungeons.  I loved Titan Quest, but grew bored on subsequent playthroughs because the game always had the same path through.  Torchlight won't have the same issues, thank Jebas.  And with three classes, and the ability to retire one character to give benefits to your next?  I'm sure there'll be a reason to play through the game at least once with each class.  I'll probably start off with the Destroyer, just because I'm a fan of melee classes, followed by the Alchemist after that. 

The game shares some of FATE's features.  Like a pet that accompanies you and can return to town for you, carry items, help in battle, etc.  And of course the fact that the entire game revolves around a single town with one very deep and never-ending dungeon to traverse.  You can really tell that the folks behind Diablo 1 and 2 and FATE are trying to recapture some of the former magic from those games.  While it remains to be seen if Torchlight holds a candle to any of those titles, from the video and screens, I'm pretty optimistic.

I'll be installing this little diddy on my laptop for sure... you know, for downtime at work.  Or just to play constantly as my work goes by the wayside.  Either or.

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