Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Call to WAR?

I keep feeling an urge to log into Warhammer Online again for the first time in ages. The Slayer class, a personal favorite of the universe, came late in my love affair with the game and I never got a chance to play it as I ended up pulling out of MMO-gaming for a while. And now as the holiday months get nearer, I find myself longing for a fantasy game to log into.

I'm hoping to get an hour or two to try out the Slayer tonight, and with patch 1.3.2 on the way to change a lot of the elements of WAR, I'm curious to see if the game can recapture me the way it did around this time last year.

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Genda Silverspike said...

If you want to play wow, you know how to find me. :D