Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scratching that itch...

It's been a long time since I had game-fever.  Perhaps it's my Masters program wearing down, or just the change from summer to fall, but I'm really itching for something new to play.  I hear Borderlands is one hell of a game, Torchlight has action RPG fans (like me) all abuzz for something new to play, and Pete won't stop making me drool over Dragon Age.  But all of these games come out next week or even later.  So what do I do until next Monday/Tuesday when I can get my hands on the first two?

I played a little Left 4 Dead last night.  I usually don't play it online, as I prefer to do split-screen with my friends when they're over at my place.  So I played single-player last night, and while it's fun... it's just not the same as when you have your best mates there screaming and laughing with you.  The new (to me anyway) campaign is a lot of fun though.  Makes me want the sequel more.

I also played a little FATE on my laptop.  A fun Diablo-clone, but missing something I can't quite put my finger on... scratch that.  I know what I'm missing, the Skill Trees.  FATE has everything an action-RPG should have except that.  So I'm leveling, getting new gear, but I don't really care about leveling because I don't get shiny new ways to make things go splat.  This is a problem that Torchlight won't have, but hey... that game's still five days away.

The good news is I have homework and stuff to do for TTH this weekend, as well as plenty of other plans over the next few days.  I should be killing things in Borderlands and Torchlight before I know it.


Scarybooster said...

Borderlands has millions of weapons. If I had a choice to pick a game fir the month of November it would be Borderlands with L4D2 in a very close second

Bildo said...

That's what I'm reading/hearing. I'm in love with action-RPGs. The idea that Borderlands rightfully blends that genre with the shooter has me in a tizzy. I simply must pre-order the bastard on Steam.

Though your game of the month for November can be L4D2 if you'd like... since Borderlands is out this month. But don't forget Dragon Age!

Scarybooster said...

Bloggers really need to have a disclaimer before a post. Something like this: If you are a compulsive fame buyer and can't handle peer pressure, please do not read any further or your SO will yell at you for blowing more money than you can afford.

I am such a compulsive buyer. Arrrggg! I need Borderlands, L4D2, and DA

Bildo said...

L4D was this way for me last year too. I read so many people clamoring for it, that I eventually caved and got it. Borderlands? I'm jumping in early instead of waiting this time.